Sunday, 28 September 2014

Anime Summer 2014 ~ Top 5

This summer so many great shows were released; from continuation of my favourite anime to brand new amazing anime. I would like to 'review' what have been made this summer and state which one wins for my favourite of this season. You can consider this as 'My Top 5' :) I know it's a bit late but I wanted to wait until all of them are finished.

[Click on the pics to see the review- plot, genre and no. of episodes]

5. Sword Art Online 2
The only reason that this series is on the list is that I wanted to do Top 5, not Top 4 (it sounds better :P). I liked the first season a lot but only for the few parts of the anime. There was lots of episodes in the first season that just were used to extend the whole anime and for me they were boring at times. The reason that I was looking forward to second season was that I loved the tragedy and love-story in the series. I wanted to see Kirito and Asuna being happy in the normal world. I don't get one thing in SAO 2; how could someone comeback to the virtual world if he/she was stuck in it for 2 years and was on the verge of death the whole time?? In addition their 'love partner' was also fighting for survival and was stuck in second game! Yes Kirito, I'm talking to you!

SAO 2 isn't finished yet and maybe someday I will finish it as I only watched 4 episodes. Honestly, I just feel it will be the same as the epsiodes after second episode of first season. Playing another game online and risking his own life again. This series concetrates on online game "Gun Gale Online" in which a certain avatar can kill people in reality when shooting this particular person with a special gun in the game. As you may realise it know while reading, Kirito, the winner of SAO needs to investigate it and he has no other option. If you have watched all the episodes that came out please tell me if it's any good as I think it will be just right in the end - same as in the first season :/

4. Kuroshitsuji; Book of Circus

Now I will do a whole review here. So this series concentrates on my favourite part/story of the manga. It doesn't follow the anime Kuroshitsuji I and II as it went in completely different direction then the manga. This series counts 10 episodes which circles around the case that the Queen assigned for Ciel. The case involves children disappearing at times when the Noah's Arc Circus appears in the town. To investigate it Ciel and his demon butler Sebastian became circus members in disguise.

The members of the circus are just wonderful, charming and fantastic. Same goes to the graphics and both opening and ending. The story is intense as it's difficult for Ciel and Sebastian to move freely between the tents and look for clues. It's also heart-breaking as Ciel is a good actor and all members are fooled by him. They think Ciel is their friend, team member, where in actual fact he just does his job as a Queens WatchDog. I'm the happiest person in the world that the authors decided to animate this part of the manga which will show the non-readers how amazing the manga is!

3. Ao Haru Ride
Manga was really good and became my favourite! I was looking forward to see the anime and see characters actually talking and moving. Of course, I was also worried that it would destroy my opinion as we, manga readers, know that anime adaptations aren't as good as the manga. In actual fact, the anime was very good. Only thing that nearly changed, was my opinion who to ship with Futaba the main character T^T.  The thing that I really love is the graphics, soundtracks and the opening. Out of this world! Personally, I hope they make second season which will follow the rest of the story as it becomes more interesting and dramatic. It's a bit unique as we don't really know what Kou (main male character) is feeling and Futaba doesn't really shows that she has feelings towards him.

2. Tokyo Ghoul
Everytime there's  new anime up coming, I mostly search for horror or gore. Then I saw this piece! Cannibalism in modern society? "Interesting. I bet there's lots of blood!" - I told myself, however every gore scene was censored which, for me, destroyed a bit the tragedy of anime. I can't enjoy the scene when I can't actually see anything except black or negative screen!

 The opening became my favourite as it makes me feel that person singing is in pain - "Who is that inside of me? Here in this broken world, you laugh without seeing a thing......" Also I feel so sorry for every ghoul who doesn't want to kill. They are hunted down by either humans or insane ghouls, can't live peacefully and can only eat human flesh and drink coffee. How they can find happiness? If you are looking for something emotional, interesting and with action and psychos then watch this anime!

1. Free! Eternal Summer

No doubt that this is my favourite. It's a second season which has more characters and is more 'deep' (get it? deep..... like water XD I should stop >o<). I thought it will be more funny and stuff but it ended up me crying! Eternal Summer concentrates on the future of our characters; who do you want to be in the future? The ending 'Future Fish' was really catching and I fell in love with it but near the end I was like "NO!"- It isn't funny KyoAni! When you watch it you will know the reason They all could just become professional swimmers but you have to be really good to be successful. We all know Haru doesn't want to swim competitively so what he will do?! That question was in my head all the time.

Anime became even more charming as Sousuke, Kisumi and Momotarou were introduced. More bishes to fan-girl for!! <33 In addition Rin's personality changed a lot compared to last season.Overall there are lots of heart-breaks and twists so you should watch it!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Haikyuu!! ~ Why I haven't watched this EARLIER?!

 I'm not into sport as well as sports anime, however now I'm in! It simply started from "Free!" because of my curiosity and now I'm dramatically drowning in my tears as a result of two seasons. But that's not what I will post about. As a result of swimming anime my expectations for sports anime were horribbly high, I just needed great characters, interesting plot and lots of humour. I saw title "Haikyuu!!" bunch of times yet I hesitated and said - "Nah...It won't hilarious and beautiful as Free!. I don't want to destroy my opinion on sports anime " I TAKE THAT BACK! Gomenasai!! *Kneels and begs for forgiveness* Everything that I specified above (my expectations) exist in Haikyuu!! as well!! :O Maybe there are no half-naked guys but there's variety of them yet in full clothing (︶‿   ︶✿)

The targed audience are anybody compared to "Free!" (y'know why) and it counts 25 episodes. The style is unique and after like 2 episodes, you can get used to it. For me the style is beautiful and amazing as well as animation especially when showing the quick moves while there's a match. Lets talk about characters as it's serious talk now. They are fantastic, adorable, funny, amazing, bad-ass, yes they are everything! Let's summaries the characters:
Hinata: The main orange-haired character who wants to become great player and be aknowledged by taller players. Even though he's short and usually is extremelly nervous at some point of a match, he's ultra-fast and is a brilliant decoy
Kageyama: *whispers* The King of the Court. His character development is amazing! Needs to control his temper, usually towards Hinata.
Tanaka(-senpai): LOVE HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!! <3 He gives the anime great hilarious atmosphere!
Suga-san: I don't know if the choice of his hair colour was on purpuse but he's the most mature and responsible. So cute by the way :> He's like a 'mum' of the team!
Daichi: Leader. Don't mess around with him. Amazing supporter at the back, no ball should pass him! He really remind me of Yamato from Naruto Shippuuden :D
Noya(-senpai): The short, amazing, flirtatious, ultra-quick libero!!!
Tsukishima: At the start I didn't like him as he annoys and offends everybody (mostly 'Great King' and 'Shrimp' hehe) but he's gives the anime the charm ^-^
Asahi: People gossip about his bad side (which isn't really true). They make him look like a criminal yet Hinata sees him as an amazing ace!! In actual fact he just worries about stuff and is really caring!! 

"We aren't losing. We still have a chance to win!! The ball still hasn't touched the ground. "
There are lots and lots more amazing characters! Ugh.... I just got turned by  the characters that I forgot about the plot - Hinata loves volleyball and wants to become great player yet his height doesn't suit to the sport. However he "can jump"! In addition is the middle school there was no (male) club that he could practise and evolve his skills. At the end of middle school he gathered some of his friends to take part in a tournament, unfortunately they didn't know how to really play volleyball. As a result of that in the first match they lost, maybe mainly because they played against the "King of The Court". Even though Hinata's team was quite awful, he insistently said "the ball hasn't touch the ground". He fully showed his skills and suprised many. After the loss he promised to himself to become better and defeat the "King" so he trained from the rest of middle school days and joined Karasuno Highschool afterwards and hoped to join their volleyball club. However, in suprise there was another person who decide to attend the same school - Kageyama Tobi, The King of the Court. How Hinata can defeat his rival if they are on the same team?
They love when they're called senpais XD
The matches are just full of excitment. I love when it makes you think they won't hit the ball buut they actually hit and vise-versa. When they are about to spike the ball, I slowely put my hands up high and ready to shout "YAY" but in split second the spike is blocked and my expression suddenly says in pain "NO!". I truely love it! The tactics, hard work the characters put in and the humour in between. Everybody should watch it!
"......someone said that they won't watch Haikyuu!! What a loser hehehe....'

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Akame ga Kill ~ First Impression

There was lots of begging from my friend to watch this. People just don't understand that I'm already flooded with unfinished anime XD Despite the fact that I have too much to watch, at least I checked out one epsiode of Akame ga Kill. There were lots of suprises and I wasn't expecting this at all.

Alright! Before starting, I only knew it was one of the popular anime that came out in the summer (I think) and according to my fellow friend mentioned earlier it's about assassins and there are plot twists............. honestly I love plot twists as it generates an extraordinary emotion. You just don't know how to react. Let's keep moving. When I saw dragon at the beginning, I already knew why my friend was watching this anime in the fist place :D Just kidding, but she likes dragons sooo. Then the main character, Tatsumi slashes through the screen and with a simple sword kills the dragon (if it was that easy in Fairy Tail ;^;). Meanwhile I just saw something I haven't seen over a long period of time. GORE! NO censoring! Happy days!

Tatsumi's objection was to go to capital to earn some money for his poor village yet nothing works out - he fails to enlist in the army and also is swindled of all his money. The rest you need to check out by yourself. First episode and major plot twist. It was so twisted that I had to show it to my sister! Never judge book by its cover.

Overall, it's suprisely good, yet I have objections towards the 'originality' of the characters. All characters remind me of characters from other animes and it's quite frustrating. There are also times when the action gets serious and suddenly humour strikes in and then serious again. It's just wierd but I think it's just how this anime is. If I finish at least one anime I will certainly watch it til the end as it's worth checking out.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Taking a Break.....

Every Time I come from school :<
If anybody is wondering, as my activity on the blog at the moment is atrocious, I won't update as much due to amount of work I will have for school. The routine starts; I just come home, take a break and do my work which takes eternity to FINISH! Now the requirements from teachers are above my ability. Sometimes I think that doing 'A Levels' is not for me, as I realise that I'm not good at anything. Ugh..... I just want to be a freaking graphic designer ;-; Why is life so hard? The worst part is that I swapped intentionally to movie making subject, therfore I need to make a short movie at the end of year. Seriously, I'm just burying my own grave. I'm thinking of doing animated movie ('cause I actually don't want to look for actors, props and surroundings) but it's a lot of fuss.

I need to finish reading D. Gray Man and catch up with shows I started. I will mostly post on weekends if you want to know. Just sayin' as I honestly don't want to abandom enjoyable stuff ;^; Give me back my FREE TIME! Why I can't just 'kiss, kiss, fall in love' and be like Haru (Free!) just free while having a great future.....

Thursday, 4 September 2014

September Anime Character Birthdays

To appreciate the wonderful characters, amazing creation of Japan, I would like to post a monthly birthdays. Just make some pictures ( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ [meanwhile i can actually practise editing].
This month our celebrants are:

 Birthday Date: 4th September

Anime: Free! Eternal Summer

Info: He isn't my favourite but he got my interest. He was Rin's childhood friend and still is overprotecting him. Sousuke's appearance is sometimes cute - when he smiles and have good time with Rin or other, yet depressing at times- compared to other guys he swims in DARK water. That's why it seems he has two sides [as in the picture]
Birthday Date: 5th September
Anime: Attack on Titan
A crazy scientist who is obssessed with Titans and never shut the f**k up about it (her  teammates experience XD). JJ. She's the most insane person in the series, whom I adore, and gives us informations she gathered about the titans. She is hyper and sometimes acts recklessly - like running after a titan by herself (in the OVA). 


Birthday Date: 8th September
Anime: D. Gray Man
Why he is stuck in the shadow of this fandom? Nobody mentions him and now is time to appreciate him! He's a chief of science department and have to deal and put up with Komui everyday XD In addition he has bunch of paper work which has to be done. We should also appreciate how he attacked the 'Skulls' to rescue his teammates when the Quaters were attacked by Lullu Bell. He's a human and he knew he could get easily killed D:

Birthday Date: 19th September
Anime: Naruto Shippuuden
Personally, I think this one is the most emotional thing I've done ._. When searching for quotes, I realised that they are very deep. In the Second Shinobi World War he was an orphan along with Yahiko and Konan. They were then taken and raised by Jiraya. How could that kid survived?! After years and many tragic events he lead Akatsuki after Yahiko's death and decidedto create peace through pain.

Birthday Date: 24th September
Anime: Shugo Chara
Info: The main character of the series, whom I didn't find particulary annoying, just the plot -.-" People think she's just "Cool & Spicy" but in reality she is different. They just see her outside, that's why she wants to became her true self and made a wich which caused her 'Shugo Charas' to be born. Each chara represents her personality and skill desires, which is fascinating *^* (i watched this long time ago so I can't remember everything in detail XD)
Birthday Date: 29th September

Anime: Kaichou wa maid-sama

Info: I love her so much, she's so strong and hard-working!! She lives 'double-life' just to get her family out of the debts. She's doing amazing job and is strong even though her Dad leave her whole family. Misaki adjusts her character depending on the surrounding; President - strict, Maid - adorable, yet in both responsible and busy ^o^

This month some great "bad-asses" were born along with some cuties :D