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Soul Eater Not! vs Soul Eater

Soul Eater not!
Let me start with the obvious! It's a side story of original anime - Soul Eater.
If you haven't watched and don't know the original here is my review. But the new that came out it seems that is not really linked to the story of the original, so don't panic to watch it ^_^. Original Soul Eater is well known for original and a bit strange graphics and tones and tones of humour. Literally, there's NO episode without humour! Characters are really wonderful and unique. Believe me, I never saw a character that is obsessed with symmetry! Fighting scenes are just amazing, therefore for me it's a great shounen to watch.

Soul Eater
So let's go to: 'Soul Eater not!', which is just starting to emit the episodes. Manga of this title was publishing long time ago and now they decided to make an anime. When I heard the news, straight away I thought that I will see my favourite characters again and have a great laugh again. Yet, it's completely opposite! I'm not saying that it's messed up and I don't like the spin-off but I was counting on anime that I was watching long time ago. Same atmosphere, yet it concentrates on much deeper stuff........

Difference in S.E.N!

- It's drawn as you expect in 2014. Most of the animes nowdays are drawn like this so they haven't really kept their original art style
- It seems that Halloween theme and atmosphere is brushed away from scenery
- It's more serious then the original,. Where's the humour? It just disappeared. It concentrates on the girl who just turned to be a weapon and starts to attend Shibusen, however she think she's useless, and should go back home. She founds more courage and all that >.<
- It is set just before everything was going bad in the original. So what happened in the original, it hasn't happened in the new.
-it shows the original characters but it won't concentrate on them anyhow ;_;

Soul Eater Not! Plot:
It concentrates on a first grade student, Tsugumi Harudori who just realised that can transform into a weapon. She starts to attend Shibusen runned my Shinigami-sama and joins NOT class (Normally Overcome Target) where they learn how to tranform. However original characters like Maka, Soul are attending EAT class (Especially Advanced Talent). Tsugumi starts a friendship with three girls who as well attend the same class. The main character needs to learn how to properly transfrom and found a partner, yet she losses her courage and willingness very often.

This is my opinion after watching two episode and without reading manga >.< Some things might change during emitting new episodes but only thing that I hope for is that other Soul eater characters will appear more often T^T

Post Question: What do you think about new spin-off?

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