Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Which anime characters are similar to each other?- In Appearance / Personality - My findings :o

I found quite few characters that have something in common, and they come from different animes and genres.
I made few (more then few XD) images showing some similarities that I founded. (Click for bigger image)
similar  characters - Akira and Yuka
They both look like twins but I hate Yuka >:(
similar characters - Naruto and Black Star
In personality they are very similar (Naruto when he was younger)
similar characters - Claude adn Shido
Like brothers (hate them both), also they are psycho (for me)
similar  characters - Yurippe and Haruhi
They look alike but idk about the character 'cause I havent watch Melancholia....
similar characters - Jeanne and Mimi
They look like sisters but Jeanne is a God like and Mimi is a demon (Akuma) XD
Similar characters - sunohara and Jun
CLONES! Still Sunohara is the Best :P
Similar characters - kyoko and sana
Same hairstyle and quite similar character
Similar characters - mayaka and syuri
Just compare the photos ._.
Similar characters - luka and saeko
I see no difference :D
Similar characters - mikado and satoshi
They really look alike but they have different personality
Similar characters - victorique and shinku
So cute ^_^ They are really similar in this image
Similar characters , twins - tsubasa kagami ryou kyou
Personality and Appearance is the same. Clones! :o

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