Saturday, 6 July 2013

I'm going to Poland Tomorrow ! *-*

I wasn't in Poland for three years and I have mixed feelings about it.  My plane comes at 7am. so I had to wake up at 3am. I need to go earlt to sleep today.

I'm scared as I'll look after my sister as my parents aren't going. So, I'll be alone in this airport ;_; But my mum says 'You're 16, nearly 17 and you're scared? Be mature!'. I'm just scared that I will be lost or something. I won't know were to go maybe. That's it! Also I'm always scared of plane catastrophies ( imagination and my nightmares will kill me someday : / )

I will see my family - my grandparents, uncles, aunties, wee cousin *o*. So I'm really excited and happy. I'll be there for about a month and I'll live in my grannies house. No computer. No anime xD. (But I will read manga on the rainy and boring days :P )But I think I will have lots of fun as there will be lots of attractions and hot weather. My grannie said that she saw on Broadcast that there will be above 30 degrees !! ._. I will burn, as I've sensitive skin.

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  1. Friend! Good Luck to you and have too hahaha XD the same with planes I hate! But, dang i wish my parents were that relax with me :/ You're so lucky.