Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Deadman Wonderland vs Mirai Nikki - Similarties

First of all, I'm half way through Deadman Wonderland. As always, I was sharing my feelings and thoughts with my sister, who won't watch this anime. Accidently, I noticed that there are few similarties that these two good series share. For funzies, I'm just gonna mention them.
  • At first, I noticed that the two main characters of both series look alike, then I noticed that they are both the cowardy, and crying-a-lot type. I sympathied with them both as lots of crazy and insane stuff is going on so they can cry how much the want..... poor little things ;^; In short Yukki and Ganda have similar appearance and personality.
  • In both series the main females are 'kind' of obssessed with main characters. In Deadman Wonderland there is Shiro who likes to follow Ganda around and spend time with him because they are friends. On the other side, in Mirai Nikki, there is Yuno who also follows Yukki everywhere and wants to spend every moment with him. Not to mention that both girls just say the names - Ganda and Yukki - all the time. The difference is that Yuno is an insane girl who will not allow anyone to steal her man. I don't know about Shiro as I stated before, I haven't finished the series.
  • The characters have a power and have to fight with people that have 'kind' of the same power? Coincidence? Maybe. In Mirai Nikki we have the cellphone users which predict the future and in Deadman Wonderland they have a blood-type weapon called Branches of Sin. Even though the weapons are different, the characters still have to fight with each other.
  • The graphic-style is similar - well..... for me.
  • At last, the series gaves us different users of the 'power', all with different personalities, appearance, gender and age which gives a huge variety of 'unique'characters [Note: I think that happens - still haven't got to that part]


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