Sunday, 11 January 2015

#Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 & #Why Kaneki Reminds me of Allen O.O

A lot is going on the title of the post XD Tokyo Ghoul's second season just came out on Thrusday and I was extremelly excited to watch it. Unfortunately, I didn't knew that it will come out so soon and it was a suprise for me - (I'm such a great fan.... -.-)

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Impression

The first, new episode just continued from the last episode of first season. It just looked as if this episode was on hold as nothing has changed and it just continues. No fireworks. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing special. Same goes to the new opening. The first season's opening was heart-breaking and tragic and now we get something simple. My friend who is into Tokyo Ghoul and have read the manga is agreeing with me.

'So why to watch it?'.
At the beginning I was repeating - "I hope this season will be good!!".... and I think it will. When I saw our white haired-Kaneki I just burst out with excitement and just got the feels. He looked like he is pain. He didn't looked like Kaneki. He didn't act like Kaneki. He is different. So he rescued Touka and fought with her brother. Daaamnn...... those fighting skills. Epic. As well as that, he was repeating about a secret which of course we will have to wait a long time to be revealed.

Lets talk about other characters! To boost up some positive feelings and make us laugh we have our trash, french guy - Tsukiyama. Why to mention him? Because he and his french phrases kill me XD and he went for a rescue. In addition, you know that old guy from Anteiku (Yoshimura)?? He is a total badass. It took me a while to know that it was him. No-one should get on his way if they value their lives o.o
*Shrek 2's soundtrack plays in the bckg* I NEED A HERO!!

Even though the episode had a poor start, it got from bad-ass fighting, some nostalagic stuff which hopefully made us all laugh and some really sad scenes, especially near the end. Theere is a difference as a result of the development of the characters and the story line. I'm not ready for the feels. I just want everybody to be happy ;^;

Allen Walker & Kaneki Ken

On purpose, I divided this post if anyone would like to skip my bullsh*t about D. Gray Man ~(˘▾˘~)

As I mentioned before, Kaneki changed. He was changing gradually and now he is kind of a different person. I already felt this change somewhere and you know where. So how these two are similar?
  • Appearance - OK. I just noticed this now, but they have both white hair and gray eyes. Literally, they have same features!! You know when a character has something unique in their appearance which suits the storyline? So Allen has a red eye which activates when an akuma is nearby AND Kaneki has a red eye which activates when he uses his ghoul-powers or just feels hunger. Do you see what I mean??
  • At the beginning of anime they were kind of weak (Kaneki was more to pity tbh) and gradually they got stronger.
  • They both used to be very kind and light-hearted, with beautiful smile, especially at the beginning. THEN, the amount of times they smile started to decrease, they became The kindness and sparkles just disappeared as their soul was getting consumed by the darkness due to what is happening around them.
  • They left. They left the place they belong to. Allen left the Order and Kaneki left Anteiku. Both places treated them as a family. Idk why Kaneki leaves and if the people he will be with or good or bad but after I saw it I was like "DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE!" Then I had series of flashback and I just realised that I saw this scene before..... I saw the main character's back while they are leaving. It is not happy ending... 

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