Thursday, 22 January 2015

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - Cannot be unseen

This whole anime is loved by many from the start. For a long time, I saw this anime on my tumblr dash and on a website where I watch anime. It caught my interest but I thought it wasn't a perfect time to watch it because I know it will be good. The time has come and in two days, along with my sister, we finished this anime. Beforehand, I only knew that the main character is a mangaka and the girl with ginger hair and cute dotted bows is his assitance. I didn't have a clue about other characters except Kashima and Mikorin which I thought were borthers. I misgendered one character TДTGomenasai!

The plot circulates around Chiyo and Nozaki, who both work on a shoujo Manga. Before this actually happens, we get to know Chiyo's feelings towards Nozaki - she has a crush on him! When she tries to confess, he misunderstoods and gives her an autograph. Nozaki is actual a popular author of shoujo manga and currently he is working on 'Let's Love~' starring Suzuki and Mamiko. Even though, Nozaki is a shoujo manga artist, which.... y'know.... concentrates on romance, he knows nothing about romance! Chiyo and other characters helps him to get referance to the new characters or different events he need to introduce. That's why Chiyo founds it hard to show her love and he doesn't express it to her which causes a little problem for me.

Overall the series is super-ultra hilarious and also awkward at times. To be honest, there is not much romance but you get a spark of it but no fire - so don't get too fired. The show can be watched by evereyone, even if you don't like romance and cute stuff. The great strength of this anime are the characters. They are unique in some ways and every one of them are wanted to be seen on the screen.

Chiyo Sakura - Cheerful girl,  member of Art Club, kind and friendly, one of the cutest girl in anime ever!, is in love with Nozaki, sunshine of the anime.

Umetarou Nozaki - the main character, his appearnce suit sports anime, knows nothing about love yet is an author of shoujo manga, always looks for reference, blunt, shouldn't he be in Kuroko no Basket?

Mikoto Mikoshiba (Mikorin) - dork, fabulous guy, says something sassy or flirt yet then regrets his decisions as he is really shy, admired by girls.

Yuu Kashima - that's our beautiful Kashima, another sunshine, prince, admired by all females in school, Hori's kouhai, is member of drama club.

Masayuki Hori- the president of drama club, is really good at drawing backgrounds yet does not want to reveal the fact that he is helping Nozaki.shows a lot of potential when acting.
Yuzuki Seo - my fav, adorable, beautiful singer, destroyer of everything that fall under her feet, I think she doesn't know that she's rude, very lively.

Hirotaka Wakamatsu - member of basketball club, he? he is just there and became a Seo's victim.