Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Hello blog readers,
I'm just a ghost which tries to express its feelings.
Tokyo Ghoul's second season just ended. Nowadays, I barely watched anything except TG and Parasyte, and occasionally Death Parade. As one of my fav anime has ended (AND very tragically), I just fell into pieces.
We all were so excited to see the second season, even though we knew we would just be tore apart by our emotions. And it happened. Now the fandom (literally) is dead. Just the ending crushed us. We barely survived each episode and it slowely lead us to our death. The emotions, drama and tragedy built up and the last episode was a catastrophy!!

A lot have happened during the second season and in actual fact the anime was corresponding to the manga somehow (idk my friend was keeping me informed). The difference was that Kaneki joined Aogiri and the ending that I will talk about later on. Overall, the season was very good; it was entertaining, interesting, kept us being attached to the characters and the good story. Still, I can't decide what side I'm mostly on; investigators or ghouls. The anime kept a balance between both sides of the 'war' by the way. Furthermore, the characters fell apart; our fabulous Tsukiyama is emotionally broken, our lively and crazy Juzo is depressed, Kaneki's soul became more dark. As well as that, the second season showed us the past of Anteiku's boss, and some background of Kaya and Enji which was terribly sad.

First vs Last Appearance

In my previous post about TG coming back and Kaneki reminding me of Allen, I mentioned Kaneki being gloomy and less lively. HE WAS FREAKING TORTURED THROUGH THE WHOLE SECOND SEASON. As Kaneki gained a lot of power he found difficult to control himself. He was in horrible pain in order to be strong and protect his friends. It was just a nightmare to watch the season as Anteiku was living their life to the fullest (somehow?) and Kaneki was looking like a traitor (bc he was attacking people like CCG cars and looked like a criminal and become famous in CCG etc) and has been lonely and in pain all the time. Furthermore, the second season just wrecked me to the fullest. Another thing worth to mention was Touka who studied hard in order to be in the same college as Kaneki. She was really worrying about him and without showing that - she wanted him to come back to Anteiku.
WARNING! - SPOLIERS from last episode of the season.

People who waited for the second season would know that a 'poster' was published before the season started. It showed Kaneki holding someone who was covered with white blanket. The poster represented the 'tragic' end that will happen and the fandom just got cracy as of "WHAT WILL HAPPEN!?!". We were nor ready. Everybody was guessing that 'someone' will die and almost everybody was saying "Touka". Hahahahaha..........no! They deceived us. The body may look more feminine and there are flowers that were used in the opening were Touka was shown. Yet, our SUNSHINE died. This is the most horrible idea ever! Hide (my little sunshine ;-;) was caring so much for Kaneki and he even knew that Kaneki was a ghoul since the fight with Nishiki. After Kaneki's disappearance, Hide was looking for him - hanging missing posters. In the last episode while horribly wounded he carried Kaneki to Anteiku made him a cofffee and spend his last moments with his bff. Hide is a hero as he rescued Kaneki from dying outside and from the darkness within him as from the first time and forever Kaneki laughed which made my heart warm T^T. And he died. YET, I have a bit of hope left that he may live as he smiled while Kaneki was crying before him.



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