Monday, 2 September 2013

Brothers Conflict :3 - I think it will be worth watching ♥

So many new animes came out this summer and still I have old animes to watch that're on my list.  I don't like watching to too much series at a time >:( but I couldn't stop myself! I needed to see at least 1 episode of this new anime - 'Brothers Conflict'

 Quick description:
Ema Hinata's dad Rintarou Hinata wants to marry again with famous fashion designer Mina Asahina. As her father will marry, Ema will gain 13 ultra-handsome step-brothers XD She will live with them in one house *jelous*

After the first episode, I want to watch more ♥_♥ This anime reminds me of 'Ouran Highschool Host Club'

One episode and I already founded my favourite character (I mean characters ) :D -
Twin brothers - Tsubaki & Asuza

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