Sunday, 29 September 2013

Otaku Glossary # 1- Some words and phrases that I haven't know -

Here are some words that I just came across. I know that it's a shame that I haven't know them before D:

Hair strand in anime character aho-geWhat is Aho-ge?
 A single strand of hair that sticks out of a character's head. It literally means "stupid hair" and indicates that the character is usually stupid in some way.

What does Bishoujo  / Bishounen means?- attractive boy or girl

What does Seiyuu mean? - is a voice actor that provides voices for anime, games etc.

What is 'Seme' and 'Uke'  ?

Ok ... I heard about these two word but I haven't have a clue what they meant ._. stupid me
These both words describes a partner:

Seme - aggressive partner - partner that wants to control over the relationship
Uke - passive partner - partner that don't want to get in trouble with other partner so they are controled

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