Saturday, 16 November 2013

I'm starting a long Journey ...... with 'Fairy Tail' :D

I've a friend Otaku in my class and she said: ' Watch Fairy Tail. You must watch it' Whereas me: 'Watch Attack on Titan. You need to watch it!!!' So yeah I was trying to convince her to watch my favourite anime and she was trying hers. Those conversations :D
Fairy Tail board

I was sceptic about it as I'm watching 'Naruto' - Lots of fillers >:(, and I watched 'D-Gray man'- some first 30 episodes bored me. Suprisely, after watching first episode of 'Fairy Tail' I thought: 'That would be the best long anime ever. I see this will be my favourite one!'
First Episodes, after three minutes - my stomach is sore from laughing! Even my younger sister (who is not really motivated to watch any anime) always asks: 'Can we watch Fairy Tail now?' :3 You know how hard I tried to incourage her to go to that route?! To say those words!

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  1. I love your blog! I just found it today and I love anime as well. I discovered Fairy Tail about two years ago and I was hooked too!