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Survey Results ~ Akatsuki Members

I love 'Akatsuki' so much. So unique and so bad ass organization. No-one can beat them! :D
I will give the results and some facts about this particular person

10. Kakuzu - (1%)

-  Great investor and money manager who is perfect for Akatsuki managment.
- mostly (or only) thinks about money. Only does missions that gives a good price.
- Kills for money
- Immortal Hidan is a perfect partner for him as he had killed all his partners in the past. Bad-tempered man >.<
- His village hated, spat and punished him because he failed to kill first Hokage who is the hardest opponent. His revenge included, killing village elders, take their hearts and any forbidden techniques.
- he increases his life-spam by taking hearts of the greates ninjas
- learnt many techniques and also learnt how to use all natural elements by injecting hearts

9. Zetsu - (2%)

- Now he's the only akatsuki member that's alive (well except tobi)
- created by Madara
- 2 people in 1; the white side is more calm whereas black side is more aggressive
- often talks to himself,.............. well specifically to his other self
- can combine with earth surface
- his role in akatsuki is collecting the ring after member's death and acts as a spy

8.Konan - (3%)

- Only girl in Akatsuki
- leaves Akatsuki after Pain (Nagato) dies
- specialisesin making paper origami and uses it for fighting
- caring, loving, intellegent and cam girl
- was trained by Sannin; Jiraya

7. Hidan - (3%)

- he was the last person joining the organisation
- immortal and isn't scared of death
- jashinist
-his partner was Kakuzu.
- very talkative, religious and lively. 
- gainedhis immortality while experimenting in the church of Jashina.
- to be immortal he needs to sacrifice people and make a ritual
- attacks by using adjustable scythe
- slowest member of the organisation

6. Kisame - (4%)

- Itachi's partner
- his appearance and name endicates a shark
- is calm and honest however iin battels he can became very aggressive
- despite of the differences between him and Itachi, they were very respectful to each other and got along compared to other partner groups in Akatsuki
- member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist
- he claimed that he's the best memebr that's ablo to capture his targets alive
- his weapon is called Samehada

5. Pain - (4%)

- was called a leader of the organisations but later it was discovered that he wasn't really
- it was Yahiko's body controlledby Nagato
- owner of Rinnegan
- Nagato controlled 6 different bodies yet he usually used Yahiko's body.
- as the result of controlling the bodies Nagato needed to put a lot of Chakra and became very weak in skinny on the outside.
- is able to control all nature elements however they haven't show how he used thunder

4. Sasori - (8%)

- he was firstly Orochimaru's partner but then he became partner with Deidara
- specialises in making puppets
- his grandmother 'Chiyo' teached him how to make puppets which are controlled by chakra
- hisfirst puppets were his Parents
- usually he hids himslef in his puppet 'Hiruko'
- he made his own body into a Human Puppet
- emotionless, usally sad as he had no parentall love after his parents died
- argued with Deidara a lot about 'What is art'
- doesn't need any food or drinks to keep alive

3. Tobi - (8%)

- aka Obito Uchicha
- after death of his love he became hatred to the world
- the true leader of Akatsuki
- at first he was the 'clown' of the organisation yet originally he is very serious and became a very powerful opponent
- after Sasori died he became Deidara's partner
- nearly through whole anime he weared a mask covering his whole face
- great combat skills, and powerfull in many areas after a lot of experience
- owns both Sharingan and Rinnegan
started and claimed the Shinobi War

2. Deidara - (14%)

- Youngest Akastuki member

- specialises in explosive materials
- his partner was Tobi who was very annoying for him but at the start his partner was Sasori
- creates bombs by forming clay (which is place in a small sack) into different shapes
- Terrorist
- Always argues that his techniques are 'Art
- His favoutite quote is 'Art is Explosion' XD
- Pain described him as a powerful shinobi so if he leaves Akatsuki they will suffer in lack of power
- usally say 'yhm' at the end of sentence

1. Itachi - (48%)

- belongs to clan Uchicha
- Used to be a member of ANBU
- his partner was Kisame
- at the age of 8 he activated his Sharingan and owns the highest level of Sharingan; Mangekyo Sharingan
- he was placed on Bingo Book which contains most dangerous killers
- he was the first member of Akatsuki mentioned in the anime
- the biggest genius in his clan


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