Friday, 23 May 2014

SnK ~ Bertholdt x Annie

Just one freaking manga cap! Just one! It made me ship them! Plus, I looked at the fanarts and all that and I'm shipping them so hard!!!
In my opinion, manga gives you all information needed compared to anime. Bullsh*t is skipped so every line is important. You may think that I'm over 'exaggorating'. I'M NOT! Like what does he mean? What Bert needs to tell Annie? Why he haven't tell her before? If it was just normal information BOTH of them would tell her. Does this mean he will confess his love *-*????? LOVE?? In the anime there's a lots of times which I haven't noticed before that Bert is looking at her. One example is when people who wants to join Military needed to leave the yard. Annie slowely leaved whereas Bert who was standing right beside Reiner turn around and looked at her <3

Now as their intendity is realised and there's higher propability that the will be killed, he should say something that he could done it before. ._.

In addition I was very motivated to do a quick video as I found lots of precious art ♥
Too cute and sad ;-;
 Check out this cool artist (who is also author of picture above): Terra7

Post question: What do you think Bertholdt needs to tell Annie?

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