Monday, 2 June 2014

'MY' Little Monster *-*

From bordness I decided to watch this anime as it's on Crunchyroll on my phone. Definitely it was funny, cute and engaging!!! <3 However it annoyed me at times and now I will explain why is good and bad.
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It is extremely cute to see a 'bad' guy changing because he's in love with a girl! Even seeing him cry make my heart break ;-; I just want to hold him tightly saying 'You have me (✿◠‿◠)' The main male character Haru Yoshida always aggressive turns to little puppy when around Shizuku. His emotions and feelings makes me melt down on my chair. He reminds me of my favourite character from Drrr - Shizuo. Both of them are insane and very strong, also they scare everybody with their 'dark' glare. Worse is when Haru is jelous when other guy is around Shizuku, not very suprsely there's a love triangle which is not helping the situation.

Humour is fantastic as Haru is just an idiot (in funny way!). He just don't know how to act like normal person would act, yet Shizuku's awkward situations that she never had in her life are as well hilarious. The characters are really good! Everybody has their own character and plays a role in the story.

It may seem that this anime is quite good but I have some objections. In the past I have read and watched many Shoujos, however this one is a bit different as 'love' is confessed in first episode so their feeling weren't really developing. It simply appeared two days after meeting. Is this is called love found on first sight?? Later their feelings are mixed and quite not understandable [!!! small spoilers ahead!!!] After Shizuku admiting her 'feelings', he just suddenly says that he loves her but not the same as she do. Therefore they won't be togather :/ So do you like her not? Then there's lost of love from the girl yet the boy changes his mind. [!!!end of spoilers!!!] When you look at it deeper and review all the episode everything is repeated. Shizuku studies, Haru gets to trouble yet runs after her saying 'I love you'. Then in the end you get 'no end'?

For the cuteness of our main characters you should watch it as they are humerous and you will die from the Kawaiiness :D - if you are a fangirl of course! It's not the BEST romance ever but definitely is not the worst!!!!


  1. Thanks, Violette! ^^ I think I've found my new anime :D its been years since, I've last found an anime that was interesting enough to actually finish it and yet this one might be the one. :)

    1. Hope you like it Ashley!! Haru is so freaking cute and adorable which made me feel to watch it!!! *-*