Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fairy Tail Ep95 (Lisanna) ಥ︿ಥ

*can't see keyboard from tears in the eyes*
*cries infinitely like a baby*

This is certaintely not the first time that this happened while watching Fairy Tail! Yet I crossed my limit and now I'm sitting watching the last 10-15mins of that episode with tears and after I finished the epiosde I cried like even more; outside and inside. Lately I haven't really watched or read anything on regular basis so I haven't been attached so much. Now, that I have summer holidays - YAY! ^-^ - I have a lot of free time.

[Don't read the rest of the post if you haven't reached this episode to avoid spoilers]

This girl made my cry so many times. She's such a perfection; kind, friendly, smart, adorable, cute, humorous, caring............ugh TOO MUCH. Even though she was just introduced to us mostly by the flashbacks and also some bits by the guild, I love her.  Each and every episode she was mentioned in I was just wishing that she wasn't dead! I would like to see her as a............ hm......."full-time character"? Additionally, I hated to see our lively Natsu hit with those feels everytime she is mentioned in the conversation. It's depressing. Natsu x Lisanna is obviously my OTP however Nalu is my more 'updated' ship that's why I may sometimes feel like they are more close to be canon. This episode made me doubt it now.
It was revealed that she was send to Edolas and took place of Lisanna from Edolas in their Fairy Tail. I saw that she was behaving a bit unnatural yet I never thought who she really was. That look of Natsu when she heard her voice after 2 yearsand saw her again at earlier episode! Heart-breaking! Then his face after it was revealed she is the Earth-Lisanna and that beautful, majestic moment when she runs to Natsu with tears in her eyes saying that finally she saw tha real Natsu! (╥﹏╥) Then her whole explanation. Even worse then this all for my heart was Elfman and Mira from Edolas and Earth - they both loose their sister. In Edolas they gained her (yet they knew she wasn't the real one) to loose her as she needed to come back to Earth. Afterwards we see the last scene which finished everything off- she cames back to her sibling which are standing right to her 'grave'. Their precious faces! Priceless! I feel how they are blessed with happiness!
In the end, I was crying all the time as I'm feeling awful of what happened overall as everybody missed her yet I'm cheered up by the fact that she returned. So.....happy tears! Also I'm aware of my future trouble; which ship I will support mostly?? Nali ot Nalu??


  1. Fairy Tail is on my Summer watch list, my friend told me it was quite sad and this just confirms it! XD
    It seems like such a nice anime to watch though :)

    1. My friend recommend it to me too and also there was a big fuss when it was said it was ending. It is really, really good! Even the fillers. Compared to other looooong anime this one is the best!

  2. i like her role" so lovable "