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Ao Haru Ride ~ (chp 1-27) My reaction and opinion

Personally, I really love shoujo manga which is concentrated to our 'girly' problems.  I have recently gained a lot of recommendation adn Ao Haru Ride was of course one of them. However I found difficult to pick a manga that would interest me therefore I just read this shoujo now as I just realised that there's anime coming out soon! Believe me, manga have more detail then anime therefore I would prefer to read this first.

It has an unique art-style which is amazing and good plot which I haven't came across before. Yet how can I read when the main male character and the main couple aren't likeable for me? Here's where my problem arises and when the end of chp 20 appeared before my eyes I just lost the will of continuing. Why? I will explain from the beginning.....

Plot: It all begins with a Futuba Yoshioka who isn't that kind of girl who's concerned about make-up, being popular nor being around boys.  To point that out she doesn't like boys because she thinks they're immature, irresponsible and not mannered at all. However when playing 'cops and robbers' she gets to know a boy callled Kou Tanaka who's not very physically build, but well mannered and doesn't seem to act immature. Futuba started to like him and think about him as cute as well as him to her. This 'skinny love' continues until one day Kou transfered school without any notice whereas Futuba couldn't get him out of her head. When she enters highschool she meeets him again but with different surname and completely different personality. Is this still the boy who she met in middle school?


[spoiler paragraph!! ] Kou was such nice guy, a bit shy, who would be perfect for our main female character yet after he transfered he changed to a cheeky, unkind guy who is totally not good for Futaba's happiness. Do you know how much she cried for him? Yet he still acts so recklessly and doesn't care how much she still cares about him! She just wants to know you, understand you and be with you! I know WHAT happened to him but still he should at least be nice to her. On the other hand he's nice to other girls!
Kikuchi vs Kou
They are cute togather but he is no good for her :/ So I was just praying that there would be a new, perfect boy appearing before her who would make her happy, fill each other hearts with love and will understand each other. The mangaka gived me that opnion and I created my OTP which I stick to no matter what!! At that time, which I'm very glad, Kou got jelous and seem to realise how much Futuba is important to him! He started to get into that Kikuchi's way. For me it was bad as Kou ruins my OTP >:( At the last pages of chapter 20 I just throw my phone and said : "F... U!" with some tears in my eyes! He made her so sad because he was so focused on Narumi from past few weeks! And now spending time with her? Being nice to her? What about being nice to Futuba?? Hm?? Kikuchi asked her just to watch their band playing and Kou just enters, kisses her (accidentally but still ;-;) in front of Kikuchi! Kikuchi's FACE made my heart break into thousand of pieces!

At last i will say that no matter what I will ship Futaba x Kikuchi! Kou is changing a bit so I may change my mind someday. He is cute and nice but he mostly is an asshole to her. I won't accept this as I love Futuba! Maybe I'm over exaggorating but that's just my negative opinion. Yet, on the other hand (as I can't be so negative all the time :D) he can be a nice guy but he is just difficult and lost inside. Sorry but I'm looking for a perfect couple which doesn't suit for ship Kou x Futuba  > - <

Post Question: What is your opinion about the two boys?

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