Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blog Reached 100,000+ Views!!! ~ About Me

What?! How is that possible?! Anyhow, thank you sooo much for looking up my blog from time to time. I feel like my work is appreciated which makes me feel proud. I also feel a bit dissapointed about neglecting this blog which happens really often. It's been a year and a half since I created this blog and I love how I can express myself (★^O^★)

Certainly this post is special, as it's so difficult to reach that amount of views therefore I decided to introduce myself better. In other words I will write everything about me :D

Name: Wioletta (Violette on blogger :P)
Age: right now 18 >.<
Nationality: Polish
Live in: UK
Hair colour: naturally dark blonde
Eye colour: green
Pets: Dog (Lucky)
Personality: I'm nice to people but I hold a grudge on humanity D: Good sense of humour and laughs at everything ._. Shy and awkward at times especially with strangers. Lazy as hell. Feels responsible for everything.
Favourite food: Pork chops and chips
Least favourite food: vegetables (especially on steam)
Dream Career: I hope to be a freaking Graphic Designer ;-; but if this doesn't work I will try to be a stewardess.
Hates: this will be long hehe, but mainly I hate rude and self-centered people or when I'm not capable of doing something, when somebody thinks that she/he knows me but in actual fact it's false, acne ;^;, animal cruelty, insects, bullying
Likes: being creative on various programs, being appraciated once in a while, music especially rock and K-pop, anime, asia and manga of course, horror stuff, animals, puns and joke, GAMES!! especially MMORPGs and adventure games.

Favourite Bands: Shinhwa, Imagine Dragons, Nu'est, Ashes Remain
Favourite Anime: My little Monster, Shaman King, Haikyuu!!, Attack on Titan and Durarara!!
Favourite Manga: D. Gray man and Shaman King
Favourite Sport: I don't really like sports but I enjoy ice-skating, swimming and tennis.
Favourite Colours: Black and Purple 
Favourite TV show: Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural <3
Favoutite Games: Aion and Gothic (all series)
Favourite Youtubers: Danisnotonfire, Pewdiepie and Raedwulfgamer

Flaws: I'm very naive and make stupid decisions. Acne is my biggest problem and keeping contact with friends ;^; laziness and not able to meet deadlines.

That's what I can think of but you can ask me anything in the comments :>

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