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Anime Summer 2014 ~ Top 5

This summer so many great shows were released; from continuation of my favourite anime to brand new amazing anime. I would like to 'review' what have been made this summer and state which one wins for my favourite of this season. You can consider this as 'My Top 5' :) I know it's a bit late but I wanted to wait until all of them are finished.

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5. Sword Art Online 2
The only reason that this series is on the list is that I wanted to do Top 5, not Top 4 (it sounds better :P). I liked the first season a lot but only for the few parts of the anime. There was lots of episodes in the first season that just were used to extend the whole anime and for me they were boring at times. The reason that I was looking forward to second season was that I loved the tragedy and love-story in the series. I wanted to see Kirito and Asuna being happy in the normal world. I don't get one thing in SAO 2; how could someone comeback to the virtual world if he/she was stuck in it for 2 years and was on the verge of death the whole time?? In addition their 'love partner' was also fighting for survival and was stuck in second game! Yes Kirito, I'm talking to you!

SAO 2 isn't finished yet and maybe someday I will finish it as I only watched 4 episodes. Honestly, I just feel it will be the same as the epsiodes after second episode of first season. Playing another game online and risking his own life again. This series concetrates on online game "Gun Gale Online" in which a certain avatar can kill people in reality when shooting this particular person with a special gun in the game. As you may realise it know while reading, Kirito, the winner of SAO needs to investigate it and he has no other option. If you have watched all the episodes that came out please tell me if it's any good as I think it will be just right in the end - same as in the first season :/

4. Kuroshitsuji; Book of Circus

Now I will do a whole review here. So this series concentrates on my favourite part/story of the manga. It doesn't follow the anime Kuroshitsuji I and II as it went in completely different direction then the manga. This series counts 10 episodes which circles around the case that the Queen assigned for Ciel. The case involves children disappearing at times when the Noah's Arc Circus appears in the town. To investigate it Ciel and his demon butler Sebastian became circus members in disguise.

The members of the circus are just wonderful, charming and fantastic. Same goes to the graphics and both opening and ending. The story is intense as it's difficult for Ciel and Sebastian to move freely between the tents and look for clues. It's also heart-breaking as Ciel is a good actor and all members are fooled by him. They think Ciel is their friend, team member, where in actual fact he just does his job as a Queens WatchDog. I'm the happiest person in the world that the authors decided to animate this part of the manga which will show the non-readers how amazing the manga is!

3. Ao Haru Ride
Manga was really good and became my favourite! I was looking forward to see the anime and see characters actually talking and moving. Of course, I was also worried that it would destroy my opinion as we, manga readers, know that anime adaptations aren't as good as the manga. In actual fact, the anime was very good. Only thing that nearly changed, was my opinion who to ship with Futaba the main character T^T.  The thing that I really love is the graphics, soundtracks and the opening. Out of this world! Personally, I hope they make second season which will follow the rest of the story as it becomes more interesting and dramatic. It's a bit unique as we don't really know what Kou (main male character) is feeling and Futaba doesn't really shows that she has feelings towards him.

2. Tokyo Ghoul
Everytime there's  new anime up coming, I mostly search for horror or gore. Then I saw this piece! Cannibalism in modern society? "Interesting. I bet there's lots of blood!" - I told myself, however every gore scene was censored which, for me, destroyed a bit the tragedy of anime. I can't enjoy the scene when I can't actually see anything except black or negative screen!

 The opening became my favourite as it makes me feel that person singing is in pain - "Who is that inside of me? Here in this broken world, you laugh without seeing a thing......" Also I feel so sorry for every ghoul who doesn't want to kill. They are hunted down by either humans or insane ghouls, can't live peacefully and can only eat human flesh and drink coffee. How they can find happiness? If you are looking for something emotional, interesting and with action and psychos then watch this anime!

1. Free! Eternal Summer

No doubt that this is my favourite. It's a second season which has more characters and is more 'deep' (get it? deep..... like water XD I should stop >o<). I thought it will be more funny and stuff but it ended up me crying! Eternal Summer concentrates on the future of our characters; who do you want to be in the future? The ending 'Future Fish' was really catching and I fell in love with it but near the end I was like "NO!"- It isn't funny KyoAni! When you watch it you will know the reason They all could just become professional swimmers but you have to be really good to be successful. We all know Haru doesn't want to swim competitively so what he will do?! That question was in my head all the time.

Anime became even more charming as Sousuke, Kisumi and Momotarou were introduced. More bishes to fan-girl for!! <33 In addition Rin's personality changed a lot compared to last season.Overall there are lots of heart-breaks and twists so you should watch it!

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