Thursday, 25 September 2014

Haikyuu!! ~ Why I haven't watched this EARLIER?!

 I'm not into sport as well as sports anime, however now I'm in! It simply started from "Free!" because of my curiosity and now I'm dramatically drowning in my tears as a result of two seasons. But that's not what I will post about. As a result of swimming anime my expectations for sports anime were horribbly high, I just needed great characters, interesting plot and lots of humour. I saw title "Haikyuu!!" bunch of times yet I hesitated and said - "Nah...It won't hilarious and beautiful as Free!. I don't want to destroy my opinion on sports anime " I TAKE THAT BACK! Gomenasai!! *Kneels and begs for forgiveness* Everything that I specified above (my expectations) exist in Haikyuu!! as well!! :O Maybe there are no half-naked guys but there's variety of them yet in full clothing (︶‿   ︶✿)

The targed audience are anybody compared to "Free!" (y'know why) and it counts 25 episodes. The style is unique and after like 2 episodes, you can get used to it. For me the style is beautiful and amazing as well as animation especially when showing the quick moves while there's a match. Lets talk about characters as it's serious talk now. They are fantastic, adorable, funny, amazing, bad-ass, yes they are everything! Let's summaries the characters:
Hinata: The main orange-haired character who wants to become great player and be aknowledged by taller players. Even though he's short and usually is extremelly nervous at some point of a match, he's ultra-fast and is a brilliant decoy
Kageyama: *whispers* The King of the Court. His character development is amazing! Needs to control his temper, usually towards Hinata.
Tanaka(-senpai): LOVE HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!! <3 He gives the anime great hilarious atmosphere!
Suga-san: I don't know if the choice of his hair colour was on purpuse but he's the most mature and responsible. So cute by the way :> He's like a 'mum' of the team!
Daichi: Leader. Don't mess around with him. Amazing supporter at the back, no ball should pass him! He really remind me of Yamato from Naruto Shippuuden :D
Noya(-senpai): The short, amazing, flirtatious, ultra-quick libero!!!
Tsukishima: At the start I didn't like him as he annoys and offends everybody (mostly 'Great King' and 'Shrimp' hehe) but he's gives the anime the charm ^-^
Asahi: People gossip about his bad side (which isn't really true). They make him look like a criminal yet Hinata sees him as an amazing ace!! In actual fact he just worries about stuff and is really caring!! 

"We aren't losing. We still have a chance to win!! The ball still hasn't touched the ground. "
There are lots and lots more amazing characters! Ugh.... I just got turned by  the characters that I forgot about the plot - Hinata loves volleyball and wants to become great player yet his height doesn't suit to the sport. However he "can jump"! In addition is the middle school there was no (male) club that he could practise and evolve his skills. At the end of middle school he gathered some of his friends to take part in a tournament, unfortunately they didn't know how to really play volleyball. As a result of that in the first match they lost, maybe mainly because they played against the "King of The Court". Even though Hinata's team was quite awful, he insistently said "the ball hasn't touch the ground". He fully showed his skills and suprised many. After the loss he promised to himself to become better and defeat the "King" so he trained from the rest of middle school days and joined Karasuno Highschool afterwards and hoped to join their volleyball club. However, in suprise there was another person who decide to attend the same school - Kageyama Tobi, The King of the Court. How Hinata can defeat his rival if they are on the same team?
They love when they're called senpais XD
The matches are just full of excitment. I love when it makes you think they won't hit the ball buut they actually hit and vise-versa. When they are about to spike the ball, I slowely put my hands up high and ready to shout "YAY" but in split second the spike is blocked and my expression suddenly says in pain "NO!". I truely love it! The tactics, hard work the characters put in and the humour in between. Everybody should watch it!
"......someone said that they won't watch Haikyuu!! What a loser hehehe....'

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