Friday, 23 May 2014

Elfen Lied ~ My thoughts

I believe everyone of you saw post like "You think anime is a cartoon? Watch.......". Of course the title 'Elfen Lied' showed many times as well as the picture of  'an eye' which is actually the main character's. The reason I haven't watched it is the gore, which I heard was dreadful and also there's nudity. However I got brave and in addition I got used to gore and ecchi anime therefore I went to watch it. I wasn't dissapointment but I have a feeling that something was missing.......................

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Opening is an important part of any anime as it introduces you to it and whenever you hear it again all the feels come back! 'Lilium' is (for me) a dramatic, very sad music. Always listening to passionate, lively op and then there's Elfen Lied Opening. I'm not a great fan of Opera/classical music yet I fell in love with this song after few times listening to it and also it will always reminds me of the story. That's the first time I think that I mentioned opening in my review >_<

Story is tragic and full of disppear. I loved the dramatic stories that characters hold, especially 'Mayu' backstory ~ How a parent could do that?? Then there comes the dogs which were cruely abused in this series. I just can't......... this.......this was too much for me ;_;. Ok, I won't spoil anything. The only thing that I was repeating all the time while watching nervously "Please don't die. Please. Please don't DIE!" and then "Lucy......calm yourself down. Do NOT hurt anybody! T^T"

If you are wondering about gore and nudity, I wasn't so concerned about that. Gore? I thought it will be terrible watching it but instead I smirked and say "*t happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "

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