Friday, 8 November 2013

I think that my Dad thinks that I'm a weirdo LOL

My dad was using my PC and saw that there's very little space on disk 'C', which is bad. He flicked through the PC to see what thing are taking that much of the space. He entered into a weird place (for him) called 'My Documents' :D I'll tell you one thing - there he saw all the stuff about anime; from wallpapers, to range of images, from AMV (anime music videos) to music.
My sister was beside him and let me tell you what kind of conversation they have:

Dad: *sees anime images* What the hell is this?
Sister: *sweats* It's Wiola's
Dad: *sees my amv* *wtf face* ....and what the hell is ALL of this*
Sister: *don't know what to say* ymm......Wiola is making them.... ._.

At least he hasn't saw the worst things. I have like a funny and weird images from anime XD I'm glad that I haven't save any yaoi pics! That would be an awkward moment if he'ld find it ._.
Dad: What the hell is all of this, hm?
Me: I can explain ...... *pokerface*

I'm not a weirdo, I'm this:

When I'm watching anime he says : ' Aren't you too old for cartoons?' - and gives me that weird look. On the other hand, my mum just ignores it and says: 'She can do whatever she wants'.

When my sister told me about what happened when Dad went into my documents, I burst out of laughing :D


  1. HA OTA-cool the other day my friends said what you on (i was looking down at my phone) my fuel and they said oh Reddit and i was like no manga rock and there like you weeaboo and i said yes weeaboo fuel.

  2. Lol longish story warning!! so my friend see me on my phone and hes what you on and Im like my fuel and hes like oh Reddit and said no manga rock and he said you weeaboo i was like no its weeaboo fuel.