Monday, 22 December 2014

"Daily Lives of Highschool Boys"?

aka. "Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou"
Did you ever wondered what highschool boys are doing in their lives? What they are thinking? Or how anime with 'boys' only would look like? Supirsely, 'this anime' would answer these questions........ I don't know if it would be precise though XDD......

There is nothing more wonderfull then a friendship...... a guy friendship? A otaku friendship?? Nerd friendship?? Alright, a combination of all of these, which turns the anime to a hilarious and 'wtf' series of events. So the anime circualtes around three guys; Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake which help us to discover a life of a Highschool boys. Actaully, that is it XD BUT, does this really happens:
  • Guys stealing girls uniform just to try out the skirt which they actually look good in?
  • Telling ghost stories which are mostly about  something disgusting instead of adding some spooks to the story?
  • anime sh*t talking
  • being chased by girls and sisters?
  • over-dramatic scenes (especially by the river)?
  • roleplaying a RPG just before going to friends house?
  • being awkward now and then?
Ughhhh..... just give me a break.......... like what am I talking about? This show is so freaking good and I'm laughing my ass off every second. Every episode is divided into stories which cover different anime cliches, seasons and/or events. Even though, you think you can guess what will happen, in actual fact it turns to something unexpected. The series is not made up of good, appealing and modern graphics, drawing style  and character design, yet you can put it aside as the whole concept and the stories are interesting, even if it's slice of life. Even though, I finished this series yesterday, I miss it and want to rewatch it again!
One of my favourite scenes :D

This happens to me a lot XDD


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