Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I'm back :D

Yesterday I just came back from Poland. My holidays lasted longer than should have as I was 3 weeks longer. It was lots of fun especially with my granda and my little cousin but unfourtunately I had lots of family problems. I got confused and I don't know who to listen or who to trust :( .....but whatever.
Weather was just perfect but now the summer is ending so for the last 2 weeks was little rain. At least in July was above 30 degrees!...and i got tanned :D Also I brought lots of new clothes that are cheaper in Poland than in UK. $_$

 I had lots of things to do like going up into the mountains, going out with my older cousin and her boyfriend, going to the swimming pool, shopping - that I got rarely no time to read manga (I wanted to read whole Kuroshitsuji til the latest chapter).

what otaku see naruto funnyBtw my otaku mind was switched on all the time. In Poland I saw a name of a shop ( I think is a car service or somethin' but I know is for the cars lol). Also there was a billboard in the town with one of the vocaloids I think (she really looked like vocaloid ._.) So my face turned to this -*o* OMG! - and my cousin was like - wut? - XD

That's everything. As I said I had lots of family problems as some people don't like others and there's is a conflict and I'm in between them. One of my grannies telled and still tells my mum a lies about me how bad I was and now I won't go to Poland on my own or maybe never until I buy myself the flight or someone buys me D: At least I had some people who supported me and made this summer, the best summer ever ^_^
But now I have to do all the biology tests..... I mean 15 biology tests D: in few days! I'm f**ked :'(

Oh .... I nearly forgot! Thank you for all the views! When I left it was above 2,000 and now is 6,000! WOW! I really, really thank you ^_^
Bye Bye

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