Saturday, 26 October 2013

Manga: Zashiki Onna - Review

Grudge Girl and The girl from manga 'Ibitzu' mix togather?! Sorry but this is another horror manga that I'm reviewing. It's not my fault that they are really interesting!

This manga creeped me out. I felt as if someone was watching me and was behind me D: Horrible feeling but at least it shows that I read something scary!

Lets get to the plot:

Hiroshi Mori, a college student, is distracted at the middle of the night. As he looked outside he saw black haired, tall, skinny, woman banging on his neighbours door, which is his mate from university, Yamoto. Hiroshi tells her that Yamoto is not in. She ignored and continued banging the door for the whole night. Later that woman came often to Yamoto but he haven't opened. Once Hiroshi helped that strange woman as she wanted to use the phone. Later in the manga she as always came in but not to Yamoto but to Hiroshi! She's a stalker......

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