Saturday, 19 October 2013

Japnese Dishes and Food

Now let's talk about Japan. I got a comment on the 'Japan' page about different foods that I haven't mentioned. Thank you: Terra Taylor, you inspired me to do this post ^_^. So I start with the famous ones and then some of the rest that I haven't mentioned in the 'Japan' page :).

Most famous dish in the world! Some people think that Sushi is a raw fish but it's not as it's Sashimi. Sushi has variety ingredient in it. It is cooked rice with fish, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables or eggs wrapped in the seaweed. It doesn't have to contain a fish or seafood!
As a russian guy once said: ' Sushi is good' ~ Drrr

Japanese noodles made up of rice flour. Mostly served with green tea :)
Other not really related info xD: Nagisa from Clannad sang a song about 'Dango Family'


Japanse soup with noodles and other ingredients depending on the recipe. It's different from other Japanese soups as it contains meat. Traditional Japanese soups are mainly made from fish and vegetables. 
For Otaku this soup is really famous as it's Naruto's favourite meal :D


It's fish shaped cake filled with differemt fillings such as chocolate, custard, red bean paste and cheese.
Ayu from 'Kanon' love Taiyaki


Traditional japanses food rich in sugar. It is made out of azuki beans and other beans. First it's cooked gently with sugar and dried. Then is covered in sugar.


Japanase form of sweet (wagashi), usually eaten at the beginning of the new year and the tea ceremony.

Japanese sweet (wagashi), made of sweet pick rice cake (mochi), and red bean paste. Also is covered in Sakura tree's leaf.

Dark brown seaweed, vinegared side dish eaten at home.

A triangular or oval shaped rice wrapped in a seaweed. It contains different fillings and flavours. However traditional onrigiri is filled with salted salamon, edible kelp (a type of seaweed), tarako and Katsuobushi (dried, fermented, smoked tuna)

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