Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Summer Ends and nothing really achieved ( ̄Д ̄)

Applause for my laziness
The time went quite slow for me, yet I'm really suprised that my routine is rapidly going to change. Idk but I actually can't remember my school days anymore. The summer JUST HAPPENED, and suddenly is going to 'just end'. Honestly, I achieved nothing this summer..... (¬д¬) not a suprise. At the beginning of July I had so much planned yet when August knocked at my door, I just threw everything and only thing I wanted to do is sleep. Something really hit me! As you may see, I posted a lot in July and now number drastically dropped.

The only ONE amazing thing that happened is that I passed ALL my GCSE exams!! Hell YEAH!! Even in freaking religion in which I honestly didn't took seriously; nor I studied nor done any work in class. You can't imagne what I have wrote in the exams (I made everything up), therefore they gave me points for creativity ☆゚.*・。゚☆゚.*・。゚ But whatever, in short I received good grades and I can get job easily!

Another, which can be called major achivement is that I watched all Fairy Tail episodes. Ok... Ok don't laugh at me but I started it in November 2013 (thats when I posted this post about it). What a shame (-‸ლ) Also I'm up to date with all the animes I planned to watch - except Ghost Hound bc the first episode bored me to death. (Any good Horror y'know cause I'm really can't find anything good).
My summer obsessions are Haikyuu!! and D. Gray Man
Overall this summer wasn't extraordinary. Anime which came out this summer are amazing. Can't choose my favourite <3 Apart from sitting alone in my bedroom and watching all the shows, I hang out with friends very often. My close friend and I were super bored and couldn't find anything to kill this boredness. It was two of us who didn't went on summer vacation so we spend really good time togather. The worst thing is that in July had beautiful, summer weather whereas August's weather was so shitty. It mostly rainned. I couldn't use much of my summer outfits - such a waste. Idk about you but my summer was average; can't really complain. Please tell me how was your summer ^-^
When alarm clock ring in the school morning

P.S - How I will wake up so early to school??? *cries & dies*


  1. A good horror(ish) anime is Tokyo Ghoul! I don't know your exact taste in horror animes, but it has blood and a good story line so far! Even if it's not exactly horror it is a good anime! (I also recommend Akame ga Kill) Both are new with only 8 episodes each! ❤ベス-chan❤

    1. Arigatou ^.^ I watch Tg at the moment, and I agree it's amazing <3333 I'm gonna check out Akame ga Kill and see ......
      Also thank you 4 leaving a comment 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)