Sunday, 30 November 2014


The last and second post in November. Where have I been? No where... I just didn't find motivation to post anything. That's why I just write few words to show that I'm alive XD

What happened to your otaku life? School is taking me away from it. The last manga I finished was D. Gray Man and anime Blood Lad probably. I can't still get over the fact that there is no chapters in D. Gray Man and that I finished Haikyuu. Yes, I watched the volleyball anime long time ago and I'm now rewatching it. Why not. One day, I wanted to leave my homework aside as I got motivation to rewatch my favourite animes. That was weird 0_0 I started reading Tokyo Ghoul manga as my friend recommended it to me. Now I don't have to bother with choosing a manga :D

Do you want to hear the news?
I'm editing again!! Yes, I got an editing program on my fast laptop so please check out my channel. As few months have past since I last created an AMV or MMV I did a short video.

As December is in few minutes (UK time), I already decided what I want to get for christmas - graphic tablet. My dream is to become a graphic designer so I want learn technology which I may need to use in the future. What are you getting for christmas? My Photoshop skills are actually improving, so I'm glad.

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