Friday, 7 November 2014

Naruto 'Ship'uuden ~ NEXT GENERATION?!


Before I even begin, I just want to inform that I'm not reading the manga and I dropped Naruto Shippuden when the fillerz of Kakashi's past showed up. However, I'm slowely starting to catch up with the anime as I got encouraged by the things that are happening in the war.

From tumblr (aka very educational side from which I gain most of my information on daily basis), I know about 'The Last' movie, which I'm excited about and also I got information/spoilers about the last chapter of Naruto; 'Chapter700'. I'm not into details but this chapter in Naruto manga showed our characters in the future, many years after the future movie and they showed.............. THEIR CHILDREN!! I love seeing a combinations of two characters, in normal language; their children. As well as that these are 'some' of my ships which sailed!!! YES!

Children's Name: Himawari and Boruto Uzumaki
Thoughts: YES! MY SHIP! CHILDREN! I shipped Naruto also with Sakura but NaruHina was my priority. Hinawari is so cute and I love Boruto as he reflects the same character, just like his father. Their hair styles are beautiful. *o*
Child's Name: Sarada Uchicha
Thoughts: THEY ARE TOGATHER? HOW? I was always hoping for them uniting but I never thought they will have a child and stuff......... actually? *Stands up and starts a serious speech* "SasuSaku fans and shippers....... we all believed........ we all cried. Other shippers laughed at us! Criticised us and hated on that ship. Now......... with this confirmation............ we can all say--- HA! LOOK AT THIS Mother.F!!!" *Sits down proudly* Anyhow, Sarada is amazing and I cannot believe that Sasuke is a father!
Child's Name: Shikadai Nara
Thoughts: I knew there was something between them! For me, it wasn't that huge suprise but I'm just full of happiness. The first time I saw Shikadai, his eyes just told me that he's Temari and Shikamaru's son.
Child's Name: Unknown
Thoughts: Such a tragedy as her father died. I bet she will be a great shinobi.

Child's Name: Chouchou Akimichi
Thoughts: Karui and Choji have a daughter? I can't remember that they even had a conversation togather? WHAT THE HELL?!? This was the biggest suprise of my life. Chouchou (lovely name btw) is just like her father yet she does not get angry if someone insults her because of her figure.

Child's Name: Inojin Yamanaka
Thoughts: Oh I remember when Sai complemented Ino at the table in anime yet insulted Sakura. This lead to love and birth of Inojin XD. Still, I was suprised by them being together.

So anybody read all the chapters of Naruto along with this chapter? What do you think? What is your favourite family? I think they should continue the series with this new generation.


  1. My biggest surprise ever was to see Gaara's new hairstyle T_T I really wanted to cry.

    1. Same ;^; Please give his older hairstyle back!!! No T^T