Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pupa's late first episode released ~ So much disappointment

I was waiting for 'Pupa' more than two months. I was extremely excited as it's a new horror coming out. The plot and the trailer seemed quite good and interesting therefore I had a high expectations towards this anime. The anime premier supposed to be in late October 2013 but first episode came out this week. I thought that authors take more time to do it and give lots of detail and worked hard to make a good horror. Yet, it's opposite. It's like you wait on you dish in resteurant very long and then when you get it, it's not what you wanted.

I'll give some good points:
*Plot is really interesting as a girl turns into a monster and she feds herself by eating her brother
*Characters and the 'monster' are nicely drawn

And here are the negative points:
*Episodes last for 4 minutes
*No nice (brutal nor bloody nor creepy) opening which should be in horror
*No effort made towards the background
*(Pace of the anime) Everything goes very quickly (SPOILER: First minute of the anime - She's in the school talking to her brother, while in fourth minute she became a moster.)
*No creepy atmosphere

I once watched a short horror anime (Yami Shibai)  which lasted the same and it was 100 times better than this.We will see the next episodes and I hope that it will be much better! Luckily I saw some manga images and I see that at least there's effort done.

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