Saturday, 11 January 2014

What the hell is wrong with Uchiha Family! D:

Really with everyone is something wrong ._. The characters like Sasuke, Obito and Itachi have more than one personality. Are they on drugs or something?

First of all let's talk about Tobi or if you want Obito. Obito was a cute, good boy who had a crush on Rin - his friend and a girl from his team.Then he changed to a lively, weird and not intelligent young man which was a member of Akatsuki. I always wondered how the hell he even got a membership. He was the Deidara's partner and the one who annoyed everybody in the organisation the most 'cause of his stupidy. He was just a 'school girl who was in love with her senpai ~♥' (quote) XD and then he turned to be the leader of the Akatsuki and that he wants to destroy the world along with Madara. Wait....... he's not Madara? I don't know who he is like how someone so serious can act so stupid things (that he done as he was with Deidara) Just imagine a serious character like ........Orochimaru - acting stupidly and saying to Kabuto ' I'm just a 'school girl in love ......' X_X moving his ass~ Nope! Were you drunk or something, Obito?!?! Or the rock hit you too hard on the head?!?

Next is Sasuke he was a cute little boy who adored his brother and then he turned into a boy who wants to have a revenge on his brother, therefore he goes to Orochimaru to get more strength even if he knows that Orochimaru wants his body (doesn't sound right XD) Hears the story what happens to his brother wants to destroy Konoha and then (in manga) he wants to be Hokage ._. He even said he wants to kill Naruto..... he had lots of chances to do so. Sasuke..... I see you got mental problems as a result of being too much around Orochimaru.....Instead of staying with Team 7 who treat him like a family he just use everybody and therefore becoming lonely forever.

Itachi has his times too as he always loved his brother and doesn't wanted him to have any harm. So why did you nearly choked him, made him hate you more and more and do stuff to him. Also instead of 'advising' his brother to 'do not destroy our hometown as I gave up normal life and becane a criminal to protect it' - no! He leaves everything to Naruto which tries to change Sasuke for around 350 (with the first serie) episodes without any comeback. Yeah just leave it to him.........

Madara is abnormal too. How can you cheat death and kill all the Hokages just with few jutsus? Does every Uchicha wants to detroy the world? I think yes >.<

I'm not a hater or anything if you thought so. I'm just sayin' what I noticed and what bothers me. I love Itachi, Tobi/Obito. No hate at anybody but what the hell?

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  1. I think the same they must be on drugs >.<