Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hirunaka no Ryuusei ~ My first Shoujo Manga! <(^.^<)

This manga brushed me out with them feels. It's horibble to love both sides in the love triangle. Therefore when one relationship proceeds and other don't I'm just like - (see the gif of Dan) and the other way around so no matter what happens to Yosano's relationship towards someone I'm just broken hearted. Well at least I a bit more prefer Yosano x Mamura than Yosano x Shishio.

Suzume Yosano is a tranfer student who started attending school in Tokyo. Her parents always work abroad so she doesn't see them very often. When she moved to Tokyo she stated to live with her uncle. At school in the countryside she usually skipped classes to go at the rooftop hoping to see a shooting star. It happened to her once, when she lost herselfas a child. She hasn't really make any friends so she decided to make some in the new school. When she arrived in Tokyo she barely know where to get so she lost herself. A messy looking young man found and carried her to her Uncle. Later she's told that he is her 'Home Room' teacher (Shishio-sensei)which is very popular to female students. In class she sits beside a very good looking, silent and quite serious boy (Mamura Daiki) so she approached him. While making a 'not easy' conversation with him, she touches him which then reveals his secret - he cannot interact with girls and when a girl touches him he go pure red. So Yosano wants to make a deal; she won't tell anybody only if he becomes her friend.

I won't tell you too much what happens but; 'who will be her 'day light shooting star'?' Manga is not finished yet. I'm now waiting unpatiently for chapter 61 as the last published chapter ended with a cliffhanger ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) WHY?!?! So if you are looking for a good romance manga with lovely characters and good romance this manga is for you! So here are the characters (btw the drawing are beautiful!!!!!!!!')

Main Character: Yosano Suzume
Shihio Satsuki

Mamura Daiki
Yuyuka Nekota

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