Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Corpse Party; Tortured Souls ~ So Creepy D:

[I forgot to post this. It was ready long time ago ._.]
 I haven't knew that 'Corpse Party' emitted an anime. I mean.....the most creepiest, disgusting and scariest anime. I only knew that there's manga and the game! I'm so lucky that I read this post on one of the blogs that I follow. I could have missed that anime D:

It's just an OVA and has four horrifying episodes. I will have these goosebumps for life! Lot's of blood, inner organs and body parts lying around. Some of the times I just couldn't look at the screen. This shows that it's too intense and brutal for me.

OK.... lets talk about the plot. The story begins in Kisaragi Academy where a group of students after a festival stay up in school to spend time togather as one of them, Mayu Suzumoto is moving to another place. As it was her last day and all of them were worried about their friendship breaking Ayumi Shinozaki proposed to make a ritual that she found so all of them 'will be friends forever'. Unfortunately they ended up in another dimension. The dimensionis in Heavenly Host Elementary where horrific murders took place of little children. Do they will survive and leave the bloody place of insane ghosts?

If you can't stand blood ...... don't watch it. I love that it keeps the tension all the time along with all the mystery behind the school, with some jumpscares and cutted tongues scenes in between :D That's an evidence that 'anime' aren't 'cartoons'......................

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