Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hajime Isayama ~ Tries to kill me

First of all, Hajime Isayama is the author of Shingeki no Kyojin. He's my God, so all hail to him(/゚Д゚)/ However, what are you doing, Hajime-senpai? Each month, when new chapters comes out I'm exploding with feelings. I just can't handle this anymore.  [WARNING Spoilers from latest chapters] (?) = not sure Chapters 43-46 (?) - Titan shifters are revealed to all the characters (I knew who they were before but everyone in manga haven't) and Eren's kidnapped laterChapter 50 (?)- Erwin nearly died as he got nearly eaten by a Titan.H loses his arm ;_;Chapter 54 (?) - Survey corps want to be agiants the king as Titans aren't the only Enemies and now I don't know who is on good side or on bad side D:Chapter 55 - they want to make Historia a queen, like WHAT?  Chapter 56 -we now know that Levi's last name is Ackerman, so he's somehow related do Mikasa, Also there's a possibility that he may be the traitor. If he literally IS I'm gonna die T^T No more traitors please.......  If you are starting or will start reading, be prepared for the worst. Lately SnK fandom (on tumblr) is just exploding. Like maybe we are all Ackermans? Are you an Ackerman? (O_O). So I don't want to think what will happen after Snk Ova which will be released on 9th April (on Wednesday) (._. ) Should I be scared?

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