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Hirunaka no Ryuusei chp 68-71 "Sports Festival" - Summary + My Thoughts

I should have done it from the beginning, like the normal people do but no........ I would do from this chapter because why not (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) My reading (and also watching) technique is that I read everything in a row, then suddenly stop reading for a long time.......... and start reading again chapter by chapter - then repeat all three steps. How can I do a post when I sometimes read like 15+ chapters in a row?

HnR is one of my favourite manga, it drags you in and then leaves you with feels. This love triangle in this manga destroys me from the inside. Me: "Can I at least enjoy peacefully the side couple; Nekota x Togyuu °∀°?" Author: "NO! (>д<)"

So in chapter 68 the Sport Festival Begins! Yosano was really bothered about everything occuring between her and Shishio. He just messes things up as when she finally got along with Mamura who really cares about her, HE decides to repair everything with Yosano. She's now with Mamura so slow down a bit! Of course Nekota is great support so in return Yosano did the best thing that she could ever do for me! In short she got Nekota and Togyuu togather.......... to spend time alone (〜^∇^)〜 ! 

Togyuu needed a girl from red team as it say on the paper. Luckily, Nekota is in red team so he of course went to HER. Not any other girl but HER! Yosano just told Nekota to be honest with herself and pushed her towards him. She was pissed yet she would be thankful later :D So Yosano decided to do the same, if Nekota now made a step (even though it was forced) she would do the same, finally give Mamura the band and support him during the race. Mamura was happy, I know it (˘▾˘) Even though, he doesn't smile and seem cold, I know when he's crying happily inside......... In the end both couples are just beautiful.

For me, the race between Shishio and Mamura (along with other participants) was epic. It seem to me as this would determine who is the winner of 'Yosano's heart'. Who would she support during the race. Mamura is her boyfriend but Shishio was her first love and I can clearly see that she still hold some kind of feelings towards him. Both of the men took the race seriously as if they were really fighting for her. Suddenly, Mamura speeded up and catch up to Shishio. When they were side by side Yosano shouted "Go For It", however who was she shouted to? Mamura - to beat Shishio? Or to Shishio - so he won't lose? So much excitement!!!
After the race, which Mamura winned, Yosano was struggled by the thought "Who was I supporting?", then she hurried to her own race. It was the funniest thing ever, she was so fast, beated all the other participants and jumped like a fish when gets the lure. Everything for the bread XD Her character is just amuzing. She's the centre of this shoujo and she can be attracted quickly by giving her food :D Just like wee cute puppy ♥!

So cute and then Shishio comes in and takes her to infirmary as she hurted her ankle while jumping. Nooo.......if Mamura sees this... what he will think??? She blushes and everything and they mentioned the funny things that happened to them while they were spending time togather............  (┌゚д゚)┌ This situation goes bad. We all know that she's still not over her love to Sensei. Mamura was looking after her and then was told that she was in infirmary so he went to her with a drink. So cute of him! He's so caring! He saw what was happening out there and you can see that he was troubled by that. Yosano that hurt my dear Daiki! Shishio wanted to tell her his feeling but she refused to hear him. Good job sweet heart! (*⌒∇⌒*) She's smart enugh to know that is better to stick to Mamura and give her own heart a break.

So when Mamura and Yosano spended some time togather by eating from this large bento, it was when I just cried to myself and said "Just kiss already!". Unfortunately, I think that author thinks it's too early but at least we can see 'that' beautiful smile. When Yosano does something weird or stupid he always say "Idiot" and strokes her forehead, yet this time he hasn't stroke her FOREHEAD! What does tha mean?!? His smile says : "I would never give you up" ♥o♥ He's so strong and keeps going straight. So tsudere yet when he express or show his feeling I just get a heart attack and weep. Not only these two have great time but also Nekota and Toguu went to eat bento togather (*´▽`*)

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