Friday, 4 July 2014

Free! Eternal Summer ~ First Impression

I watched it yesterday but had no motivation to create a post. Honestly, I even forgot to look up the premier date so my level of excitement was so high when on my favourite website there was written "Free! Eternal Summer - Episode 1 [english]". I just sat comfortably, plug in earphones and got ready for another season of 'half- naked gay guys swimming in a beautiful sparkling water' anime!
First of all what I get from the first episode:

- Finally Rin and Haru or getting on well <3
- there's new character called Sousuke which is Rin's ex-boyfriend that came back to stole him back and Haru will experience a very hard time as he needs to become a great boyfriend so Rin won't leave him for Sousuke but Haru is too lazy to become the best lover that Rin ever had....... 
- Haru is mermaid
- Haru's obsession gets a bit creeppy towards iwatobi figure ._.
- Gou..... I mean Kou very nicely advertised the club, well I would join you know XD
- Rin + Police uniform = wiggle, wiggle wiggle <~(^_^)~>
- Makoto's cuteness ♥♥♥
- my emotions are touched by the characters - mainly by Rin's emotions ;-;

 Now seriously, finally I can see my beautiful bishies <3 The episode started excatly the same as the first episode of the first season. Nicely done as well as the brand new opening and that ending. I think this season will be much better then the other (well, hope so).  I laughed my ass off the whole episode, that was just stopping and need to process what's going on. The cutness of these guys I think exceeded the norm!!! You saw Rin right??? His feelings though ;-; I just can't wait for next episode!

Then I went to tumblr and my dash got flooded with Free!2 spam! I'm glad that I watched the episode first. On that day my blog went 90% of Free! and 10% of all other sh*t.  In addition the gif on the left is getting out of control
<( ゚д゚)> STAHP!

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