Sunday, 6 July 2014

Junji Ito ~ Praise him for Creativity!

As you may know I'm a great fan of horror; from sleepover stories to great movies, and from books to anime & manga. The one who stole my interest on anything else in the world without my notice is Junji Ito. He's a great mangaka who is well known from his big collection of horror. Lately, I got to know that he made a movie based on my favourite manga!! I praise him for the creativity, even though it's really bizzare and disgusting D: I could recognize his art-style straight away!

I searched instantly for horror manga and one day I came across my first work from him; Shin Yami no Koe Kaidan, which was horrifying and utterly disgusting, yet I think that's how a good horror manga should be! Then I came across more of his fantastic works like Mimi no Kaidan, Yami no Koe and Gyo. I was caught in the spiral of horror like the characters in his most popular manga 'Uzumaki' which was the last one I've read.

Junji Ito released also an anime movie ' Gyo' based on the manga with the same title. I review it months ago along with the manga. In addition, he has even adapted series of horror films (not anime) like Uzumaki; which is the most terryfing one out of all! I'm ashamed that I just miss it. Surely I'm gonna watch all he has done and also read as his ideas are unique!

From the day I read one of his manga, I have a fear towards one particular thing. I couldn't sleep for weeks properly and I felt like seeing ths figure out in the dark ;-; no more please

<------ my nightmare

Post Question: Do you hear of him before? What horror manga, anime or anything else you enjoyed the best?

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