Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Karneval - Character Similarties

Anime Review

For Karneval I had such high expectations yet ONE thing really bothered me while watching. Most of the characters remind me other anime characters. It can happen in everything you watch but this particular anime is very questionable! Very good idea and I love how colourful it is but how can I be satisfied if the characters are ripped-off from other anime?

There are many anime boys who look really similar to Gareki but one of the closest match is Haru >_<

I think that's the first one I spotted! She has exact hair as Hinaichigo and have the mixed clothes style of Hina and Road; cute lolita style and a bow tied underneath the neck. She's also kind of cute and bossy, so the personality can be counted also as similar.
This is absolutely Inori. Similar hair colour and eyes, plus flood in cuteness but Inori is 100 times better <3
I haven't even watched Kuroku no Basket yet I knew Karoku reminded me of someone. Even the name is similar!
They absolutely have no similarties in the appearance but their personality and the role in the anime are the same. They were both added to give humour to the show and the boy-cuteness! They are the the "clowns" of the anime. They behave the same and both care about their friends.
From my last similarties post I added one more person to give us triplets. They both have golden eyes and black hair, therefore they look like brothers and Jiki is the youngest XD. I don't know why but Jiki is not very likable for me as well as his 'brothers' ._.
That's just ridiculous! Even the face is similar as well as the eye and hair colour! It got annoying at this point. Well Yotaka looks younger but they look like identical twins!
Another copy of Rozen Maiden characters. Both adorable, same hairstyle and eye colour.
I may be exagorating at this one but I think they are quite similar; with appearance and personality.

There was few more but I think I'm over reacting so I haven't mentioned them :/

Post Question: Do you noticed any similarties between Karneval characters and other anime characters?

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