Monday, 28 July 2014

Top 5 Horror Manga

5. Doubt

No. of Chapters: 21
Plot: Yuu, Mitsuki, Rei, Hajime, Eiji, and Haruka, all decided to meet up in reality as they all play the same game on cell-phone "Rabbit Doubt'. The game makes every person a rabbit, and one of the rabbit is secretly chosen to be a wolf in disguise. Every round the wolf kills a rabbit and you have to guess who is the killer. Unfortunately, our 'rabbits' were knocked down while enjoying themselves and were closed in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. It's when the TRUE game begins....... If you guessed wrong and killed wrong person, you killed innocent person, yet if you guessed correctly, you all survive!
Opinion:The best part of this manga is that the author makes you think! Who's the murder? Or you sure? Do you doubt yourself? It's now a real-life game and you can kill real people! This idea isn't really unique except the rabbit and wolf thing, yet you can pretty enjoy it still. However it would really add some tension and great horror atmosphere if there would be more gore so the characters would be more terrified. No horror if everybody is even a bit calm.

4. Uzumaki

No. of Chapters: 20
Plot: The story follows the weird small town called Kurôzu-cho, which was cursed by spirals. Our main character Kirie Goshima, along with her boyfriend watches as the citizens, one-by-one, are being obssessed with spirals, which turns into them into something not human and many supernatural accidents happen which cause many people to die in disgusting and horrible way.
Opinion: Junji Ito (author) has many great horrors, yet I had to choose one, and I think this one win. Great and horrific storyline, that more then once will suprise you and disgust you -  do not read while eating *says experienced reader*. Suprisely, the main character isn't that annoying, yet you know those thing in horror movies, when you TELL them: "Get the f*ck out of this place already!" as they don't see in what trouble they will get in the future. Yes, it happens here and they realised that when it was already too late. It is a great idea; a town obssesed with a spiral, and then everything goes mor creepy and gore.

3. Parasyte

No. of Chapters: 64
Plot: Alien creatures - Parasytes - invaded secretly the Earth to fullfill their hunger to human flesh and some to learn about US. They enter the human body and take contol of the brain and the whole body. As the result of that theycan change the body shape - have arms and legs as blades, large sharp teeth and any other features which can help them kill a human and devour them. However some keep their human faces and blend into the society. Why reveal yourself and cause panic? You would get caught. Shinji Izumi is the only one who knows about them as one of them failed to invade the brain and invaded his hand. Would Shinji somehow warn the humanity about these monsters??
Opinion: It's one of the old manga, which was released before I was even born ( 1990-1995), so the art-style isn't the same as in modern times, yet I really loved it somehow! The gore and those 'monsters'  created a great horror atmosphere! The idea is great and also they included some exciting moments, which kept me keep going. How can Shinji save the world if he's ONE and there's hundreds of them? He's still human you know, and they can transorm fully, he don't. In addition, there were heartfelt moments, which make me fall into tears. Did you ever cried sadly in Horror movie or manga? It was a terrible suprise for my heart.

2. Zashiki Onna

No. of Chapters: 11
Plot: One late night, our main character, Hiroshi Mori, heard noises coming from outside. When he opened the door he saw slim woman with long black hair, carrying shopping bags. She knocked furiously to his neighbour but without any luck. Next day she appeared againyet she started knocking to Hiroshi! She aske if he could see if the neighbour is in the house. Why the neighbour is avoiding her?
Opinion: I wanted something similar to a manga that I readed about a stalker - 'Ibitsu'. Surely, I thought Zashiki Onna won't be so good, yet I was mistaken. This horrifying woman scared the sh*t out of me. She looks so creepy!! That's the worst scenario; Being stalked by a creepy woman, that has no boundaries and can ran so fast so it's impossible to run from her, and in addition NO-ONE would help and believe you!! So what should you do if you're a teenager and you cannot escape from this stalker?? ;-;

1. Ibitsu

No. of Chapters: 13 + 1 bonus chapter
Plot: Itou Kazuki while going to a garbage area to put out the trash, meets a strange, terryfing lolita girl in between the garbage bags. Suddenly she asks: "Do you have a little sister?". He nervously answered her and ran quickly to his house. What's with this girl? Why does the character has a weird feeling about it?
Opinion:  First of all, I was so Naive!! How can you be scared by some drawings? pff...... I thought that I will die after (or while) reading it. NOPE! I never 'Nope'd so hard before. It's even worst when you read by yourself at home, or near night. The story is amazing and terriibly horryfying, it's so unique! It can suprise you many times as well as beat the crap out of you! The art is great, brilliant for the genre! Even though this lolita's target are boys, I was hella scared that she would appear before me D: Also the best thing is that they mention why she became like this, they don't just create a creepy girl and without no reason, hunts boys to find a brother.

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