Thursday, 3 July 2014

Opposite of Senpai? - Otaku Glossary #2

Lately I'm annoying my (younger) sister by stalking her and repeating "Senpai!", "Will you notice me someday senpai?", "I love you senpai!!". I know that Senpai (eng. senior) is used towards person older than you or someone higher in education system or sport. It can be used alone or at the end of someone's name.  My sis is always ignoring me and I CANNOT impress her anyhow. She don't respond to my jokes and avoid me somtimes XD Ah..... this sister love and relationship <3

So I realised that she acts like a 'Senpai' who doesn't want to notice their........their? ........their? And here comes a problem :/ What's opposite of Senpai? While scrolling by tumblr (a 'very educational site') I find a comic and finally got my answer! It's "Kouhai"!! It's applied to someone lower in age, education system or sport. Now my life is complete (◡‿◡✿)

Tamaki-senpai appreciates that you noticed him
Remember that Senpai will never notice you as I experinced that myself, not only be my sis but also by someone in my school. That's just our destiny as being a Kouhai ಥ_ಥ
Stalking our love:
My inspiration <3

Even water wants to be noticed </3

You know..... just sharing my "weird images" collection :D No more new japanese words were find so a post dedicated to our Kouhais and Senpais......
Otaku Glossary #1: HERE

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