Friday, 18 July 2014

#Sad Anime Soundtracks/ Songs

There are some Anime OSTs that make me feel sad and sometimes fall into tears. While listening to them I remember the sad story in which this particular song was attached. Do you get the same feeling?

Mirrai Nikki - Here with you
[Spoiler Alert] - Even though Yuno was an insane stalker, she really loved Yuki! She had horrible life at home and Yukki give her hope to start a better and beautiful life. In some ways he loved her too but not the girl she had become. In the end he created her a wonderful world in which she would be full of happiness whereas he stayed alone in eternity.........

Naruto - Saddness & Sorrow
This Soundrack was played like millions of times and I never get over it wahtsoever. It is always played while the sad backstory is showed. Loneliness....... death of the love one ........

Elfen Lied - Lilium
Before watching Elfen Lied I felt somewhat terrible when I heard the opening song. It's like a Opera music which doesn't suit my music taste but this fill my heart with depressed feeling. After I watched the whole show it got worse as I knew the whole story! It's so calm and nostalagic.

Air TV - Blue Skies
Do I have to go back to that? No please ;-; Even now when I hear this soundtrack I'm crying.  [Spoiler Alert!] It was so dramatic and terrible when Misuzu started to forget about her step-mother. Their relationship wasn't that close yet they got really well along with each other. They got really good time and suddenly she started to forget these memories. Misuzu's father came aat the wrong time and wanted to take her away. No!! ;-;

Angel Beats! - Ichiban no Takaramono

What a beautiful song as well as the anime. Yui and Hinata are my OTP and I love how he decided suddenly to grand her last wish which was marriage. What boy could do that nowadays?

Guilty Crown - Bios-Delta

D. Gray Man - Tsunaida Te ni Kiss Wo
I really love this song and also the piano version. I remember when it was played sometime at the end epsiodes. It pierces through my heart. <3

AnoHana - Secret Base
Menma was so dear to her friends and family however when she died evrybody separated. Despite her death, she was buried within their hearts and they never forgot about her. The worse thing was she was there all along by their side, yet she was invisible for them ;-; Those feels especially at the end!

Fairy Tail - Predestination
As a shounen anime with many awful (in sad way) past stories, it has various of different sad sountracks which will help you to fall into tears!! This one is my favourite......

Rozen Maiden - Madoka

Many tears have fallen while making this post T^T. There lots of sad song but for now this is it. Shounens like Fairy Tail or Naruto Shippuuden have bunch of heartbreaking songs but I just decided to put my one favourite one :( In addition some of the songs I just fell in love with and I got a bit (BIT) resistance, so I don't fall into tears like a baby.

Post Question: What is the most saddest song which make you horribly cry?

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