Friday, 5 July 2013

First ep of 'Rozen Maiden 2013' & Just finished Hetalia :D

First episode of Rozen Maiden camed up yesterday. I just watched with eng. subs and it was so cool! Opening as always adorable and the grahpics - omg :3 Everything is explaied so fast (something happens & then something else D:) and......I don't want to spoil as it's not very happy :(
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 Hetalia was so funny, I really enjoyed it xD I love the characters!
 Some Hetalia's Characters and their small descriptions:

America - loves fast food, crazy, his friend is an alien, likes to invet things, owns Canada (who?)._.
England - hates russia, is bullied by France, wears unfashion clothes, have untasty food
France - wears most glamorous clothes, is romantic, hobby- to bully England, loves delicious food
China - loves cute things, his 'China Town' is anywhere, good cook, defeated Germany with a pan :P
Italy - hmm.....loves pasta, is bullied by everyone (except germany), fights by waving a white flag, next time you wake up he can be right beside you D:
Germany - he's not scared of anything, babysits Italia, loves beer
Japan - shy, isolated sometimes, quiet, friendly, very serious when comes to food >:D
Russia - eee...scary o_o, he always wants to help his friends....with an axe
Poland - loves ponies, pink, girl's clothes (yes, he's a man), likes to eat polish food
Canada - who?
Sweden - scary man, serious, *whispers* - watched you while you sleep :O
Greece - loves cats 
Lithuania - it's prisoned by Russia xD, is a friend with Polan, friendly
Switzerland - don't like strangers walking on his land *shoots*, cares about Liechtenstein
Austria - very elegant, plays on a piano
don't mess with Russia ._.
oh.... Italia XD
-'Who are you?' -'I'm Canada' *-*
It's not called being gay, it's called being Fabulous!

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