Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Gyo - Anime Film & Manga - Review

I was looking for a horror and someone recommended me 'Gyo' . I think I enjoyed watching. For me, it was quite scary, interesting and in some parts disgusting :P I'm afraid of the creatures that are in the ocean (I have Thalassophobia) and I'm disgusted of them D: And a surprise for me - hentai scene (anime) - and my younger sister wanted to watch the anime with me but she hadn't xD It could be a very awkward moment.

Anime- It started when Kaori has ended school and she celebrates with her two friends in his boyfriend's Uncle's house. They come back home and when they opened the door, the bad rotten smell comed out of the house. Additionally there was something in the house. Kaori want to kill it but it was too fast. It hid behind the cupboard, so Koari had pushed the cupboard and kill it. It seems to be a fish, but with sharp metal legs!
The story continues and more of the same fish are coming out of the sea and not only fish but other animals from the sea too. Kaori is worried about her boyfriend Tadashi who is in Tokyo. She takes a journey to Tokyo, to find out if he's ok, as the whole Tokyo is full of this creatures.

Manga - It's different than an anime. It's crossed over, as manga concentrates more on Tadashi and Anime concentrates more on Kaori. (Kaori in manga annoys me -.-) But it's still the same story.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ciel ! ♥_♥

Omg I just found this fan-art of Ciel on a website! He's looks so adorable and hot ♥
They should continue Kuroshitsuji series. I really want to watch more! Next series could start when Ciel returns after 5 or 10 years or somethin' like that with Sebastian ♥♥♥ That would be cool :P
<----I'm fan-girling right now XD

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Kyoto Animation :3 - Clannad, Kanon, Air - Which is better?

What is Kyoto Animation? It is a Japanese animation studio which made a lots of popular and fantasic animes:

Kyoto Animation Studio anime
Some animes that Kyoto made
More information at:  Kyoto Animation
I'm planning to watch all of the animes that Kyoto made, although I already seen some.
I just finished the three anime form visual novel which are: Clannad, Kanon and Air. A week ago I finished Kanon and I just LOVE IT!! I watched the other two which were wonderful and made my cry, so I had lots of expectations for this one. The start of Kanon was just normal life which got me bored and de-motivated. But I watched to the end and I think it was worth watching

Kanon, Clannad and Air are really similar to each other:
- At the start of the story everybody is happy and then it starts to get dramatic ;_;
- Character have similar personalities and some same features (like same type of haistyle)
- The main female character is always sweet and innocent *_*

In my opinion Clannad beated all of them as it was the most beautiful and dramatic story I ever, ever, ever seen XD All of them were fantastic but this one I enjoyed the most. If you want to see a quick review of any of these anime please read it in the 'Anime' page ^_^  

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Yuno Gasai X Yukiteru Amano - Cutest Couple ever!!

I think a month ago I finished watching Mirai Nikki and I just fell in love with this couple and is one of my favourites. They're so adorable in some parts xD But Yukki sometimes annoys me because he's such a coward >:(
After I watched anime I created in Photoshop an image with this couple and it ended up like this ^_^ :

After I wanted to make few AMVs. One of them supposed to be about this couple, but my computer wasn't working properly so I had to format it. I put the clips into my memory pen but all of them deleted by themselves ;_;
But finally I finished it and here is my AMV:

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Soul Eater Review

 I just finished watching this anime And I really enjoyed it. I just couldn't stop watching and laughing from it :D I really recommend it as its very original, funny and entertaining! But.... (Warning:can be a spoiler) - I just don't like the ending -.- I'm a bit dissapointed.

Soul Eater is a comedy and dark fantasy anime. It has 51 episodes which are worth watching.
It's set in the academy called Shibusen where they teach humans to transform into weapons and to be a meisters - people who can fight with these weapons. 


The school is runned by Shinigami, also known as Death. 

The school's goal is to kill all the evil, but above all to prevent the revival of the demon called Kishin.
The students are split into groups ( two/ three people made of a weapon or meisters) and must collect 99 evil souls and one soul of a witch. After having collected all required souls a weapon then can be the weapon of the great Shinigami - a person that runs the school.

 Main Characters (Teams):

Death the Kid (meister) 
- Son of Shinigami and is obsessed with 
symmetry and his two partners Patty and Lizzy that are sisters


Maka Albarn (meister) - good student in school but she's really good at fighting
Her partner Soul Evans (weapon) 
- the cool guy

 Black Star (meister)- wants to be better than God
His Partner Tsubaki (weapon) very kind and friendly girl