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Hirunaka no Ryuusei chp 68-71 "Sports Festival" - Summary + My Thoughts

I should have done it from the beginning, like the normal people do but no........ I would do from this chapter because why not (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) My reading (and also watching) technique is that I read everything in a row, then suddenly stop reading for a long time.......... and start reading again chapter by chapter - then repeat all three steps. How can I do a post when I sometimes read like 15+ chapters in a row?

HnR is one of my favourite manga, it drags you in and then leaves you with feels. This love triangle in this manga destroys me from the inside. Me: "Can I at least enjoy peacefully the side couple; Nekota x Togyuu °∀°?" Author: "NO! (>д<)"

So in chapter 68 the Sport Festival Begins! Yosano was really bothered about everything occuring between her and Shishio. He just messes things up as when she finally got along with Mamura who really cares about her, HE decides to repair everything with Yosano. She's now with Mamura so slow down a bit! Of course Nekota is great support so in return Yosano did the best thing that she could ever do for me! In short she got Nekota and Togyuu togather.......... to spend time alone (〜^∇^)〜 ! 

Togyuu needed a girl from red team as it say on the paper. Luckily, Nekota is in red team so he of course went to HER. Not any other girl but HER! Yosano just told Nekota to be honest with herself and pushed her towards him. She was pissed yet she would be thankful later :D So Yosano decided to do the same, if Nekota now made a step (even though it was forced) she would do the same, finally give Mamura the band and support him during the race. Mamura was happy, I know it (˘▾˘) Even though, he doesn't smile and seem cold, I know when he's crying happily inside......... In the end both couples are just beautiful.

For me, the race between Shishio and Mamura (along with other participants) was epic. It seem to me as this would determine who is the winner of 'Yosano's heart'. Who would she support during the race. Mamura is her boyfriend but Shishio was her first love and I can clearly see that she still hold some kind of feelings towards him. Both of the men took the race seriously as if they were really fighting for her. Suddenly, Mamura speeded up and catch up to Shishio. When they were side by side Yosano shouted "Go For It", however who was she shouted to? Mamura - to beat Shishio? Or to Shishio - so he won't lose? So much excitement!!!
After the race, which Mamura winned, Yosano was struggled by the thought "Who was I supporting?", then she hurried to her own race. It was the funniest thing ever, she was so fast, beated all the other participants and jumped like a fish when gets the lure. Everything for the bread XD Her character is just amuzing. She's the centre of this shoujo and she can be attracted quickly by giving her food :D Just like wee cute puppy ♥!

So cute and then Shishio comes in and takes her to infirmary as she hurted her ankle while jumping. Nooo.......if Mamura sees this... what he will think??? She blushes and everything and they mentioned the funny things that happened to them while they were spending time togather............  (┌゚д゚)┌ This situation goes bad. We all know that she's still not over her love to Sensei. Mamura was looking after her and then was told that she was in infirmary so he went to her with a drink. So cute of him! He's so caring! He saw what was happening out there and you can see that he was troubled by that. Yosano that hurt my dear Daiki! Shishio wanted to tell her his feeling but she refused to hear him. Good job sweet heart! (*⌒∇⌒*) She's smart enugh to know that is better to stick to Mamura and give her own heart a break.

So when Mamura and Yosano spended some time togather by eating from this large bento, it was when I just cried to myself and said "Just kiss already!". Unfortunately, I think that author thinks it's too early but at least we can see 'that' beautiful smile. When Yosano does something weird or stupid he always say "Idiot" and strokes her forehead, yet this time he hasn't stroke her FOREHEAD! What does tha mean?!? His smile says : "I would never give you up" ♥o♥ He's so strong and keeps going straight. So tsudere yet when he express or show his feeling I just get a heart attack and weep. Not only these two have great time but also Nekota and Toguu went to eat bento togather (*´▽`*)

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Top 5 Horror Manga

5. Doubt

No. of Chapters: 21
Plot: Yuu, Mitsuki, Rei, Hajime, Eiji, and Haruka, all decided to meet up in reality as they all play the same game on cell-phone "Rabbit Doubt'. The game makes every person a rabbit, and one of the rabbit is secretly chosen to be a wolf in disguise. Every round the wolf kills a rabbit and you have to guess who is the killer. Unfortunately, our 'rabbits' were knocked down while enjoying themselves and were closed in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. It's when the TRUE game begins....... If you guessed wrong and killed wrong person, you killed innocent person, yet if you guessed correctly, you all survive!
Opinion:The best part of this manga is that the author makes you think! Who's the murder? Or you sure? Do you doubt yourself? It's now a real-life game and you can kill real people! This idea isn't really unique except the rabbit and wolf thing, yet you can pretty enjoy it still. However it would really add some tension and great horror atmosphere if there would be more gore so the characters would be more terrified. No horror if everybody is even a bit calm.

4. Uzumaki

No. of Chapters: 20
Plot: The story follows the weird small town called Kurôzu-cho, which was cursed by spirals. Our main character Kirie Goshima, along with her boyfriend watches as the citizens, one-by-one, are being obssessed with spirals, which turns into them into something not human and many supernatural accidents happen which cause many people to die in disgusting and horrible way.
Opinion: Junji Ito (author) has many great horrors, yet I had to choose one, and I think this one win. Great and horrific storyline, that more then once will suprise you and disgust you -  do not read while eating *says experienced reader*. Suprisely, the main character isn't that annoying, yet you know those thing in horror movies, when you TELL them: "Get the f*ck out of this place already!" as they don't see in what trouble they will get in the future. Yes, it happens here and they realised that when it was already too late. It is a great idea; a town obssesed with a spiral, and then everything goes mor creepy and gore.

3. Parasyte

No. of Chapters: 64
Plot: Alien creatures - Parasytes - invaded secretly the Earth to fullfill their hunger to human flesh and some to learn about US. They enter the human body and take contol of the brain and the whole body. As the result of that theycan change the body shape - have arms and legs as blades, large sharp teeth and any other features which can help them kill a human and devour them. However some keep their human faces and blend into the society. Why reveal yourself and cause panic? You would get caught. Shinji Izumi is the only one who knows about them as one of them failed to invade the brain and invaded his hand. Would Shinji somehow warn the humanity about these monsters??
Opinion: It's one of the old manga, which was released before I was even born ( 1990-1995), so the art-style isn't the same as in modern times, yet I really loved it somehow! The gore and those 'monsters'  created a great horror atmosphere! The idea is great and also they included some exciting moments, which kept me keep going. How can Shinji save the world if he's ONE and there's hundreds of them? He's still human you know, and they can transorm fully, he don't. In addition, there were heartfelt moments, which make me fall into tears. Did you ever cried sadly in Horror movie or manga? It was a terrible suprise for my heart.

2. Zashiki Onna

No. of Chapters: 11
Plot: One late night, our main character, Hiroshi Mori, heard noises coming from outside. When he opened the door he saw slim woman with long black hair, carrying shopping bags. She knocked furiously to his neighbour but without any luck. Next day she appeared againyet she started knocking to Hiroshi! She aske if he could see if the neighbour is in the house. Why the neighbour is avoiding her?
Opinion: I wanted something similar to a manga that I readed about a stalker - 'Ibitsu'. Surely, I thought Zashiki Onna won't be so good, yet I was mistaken. This horrifying woman scared the sh*t out of me. She looks so creepy!! That's the worst scenario; Being stalked by a creepy woman, that has no boundaries and can ran so fast so it's impossible to run from her, and in addition NO-ONE would help and believe you!! So what should you do if you're a teenager and you cannot escape from this stalker?? ;-;

1. Ibitsu

No. of Chapters: 13 + 1 bonus chapter
Plot: Itou Kazuki while going to a garbage area to put out the trash, meets a strange, terryfing lolita girl in between the garbage bags. Suddenly she asks: "Do you have a little sister?". He nervously answered her and ran quickly to his house. What's with this girl? Why does the character has a weird feeling about it?
Opinion:  First of all, I was so Naive!! How can you be scared by some drawings? pff...... I thought that I will die after (or while) reading it. NOPE! I never 'Nope'd so hard before. It's even worst when you read by yourself at home, or near night. The story is amazing and terriibly horryfying, it's so unique! It can suprise you many times as well as beat the crap out of you! The art is great, brilliant for the genre! Even though this lolita's target are boys, I was hella scared that she would appear before me D: Also the best thing is that they mention why she became like this, they don't just create a creepy girl and without no reason, hunts boys to find a brother.

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Ao Haru Ride ~Live Action MOVIE?!?

Great News! According to AnimeNewsNetwork , Ao Haru Ride will release an LIVE ACTION MOVIE, which will be in Japan in the middle of December. Any fans out there? The anime now is doing amazingly, and will last 13 episodes (I just read about it now) and the manga is still going.

Actors seem very well chosen <3 You know what? I can't have enough of this story XD My love for shoujo is ever-lasting..........

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#MyImages - Durarara!!

 Hope the Fans of this Anime like it :D
Izaya Orihara - Drrr!!Shizuo Heiwajima - Drrr!!
Kida Masaomi - Drrr!

Celty - Drrr!!
I may do other characters, but for now that's all the ideas >.<

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Japanese School ~ Uniform

I believe that Japanese uniforms are designed great. I wore uniform myself and I would like to exchange it for these uniforms. They also look very good on students! After reading many articles, I've learned many things of how they designed the uniforms. The 'Sailor Suits' were designed from the inspiration that the royal children of Europe give. The boys usally weared the military styled uniform whereas girls the sailor uniforms. However Japanese style in school changed as they slowely started to adapt to Brittish tyle unforms including the blazers and chequered pattern skirts along with a tie or bow tied around the neck. The type of uniform depends on individual school which personally I think it make everything unique as there's many styles and colours that the uniform in Japan can be.

Lets start with elementary school. It some elementary schools they don't require uniforms yet they want the children to wear a colourful cap, so they'ld be seen by traffic and umbrella in case it's raining. Ocassionally, in some school they give the 'Sailor' typed uniforms for the children.

One of the traditional uniforms in Japan are "Sailor Outfits", worn by female students in the middle school. It consists of a shirt which has attached Sailor-styled collar and accordion-type skirt, everything can be designed in many colours. The length of the sleeves depend on the season - if it's winter/autumn season they wear long sleeves, and on the spring/summer the short sleeves. The boys, on the other hand, wear a military unifrom.

Another style of uniform, which is genuinely used in highschool, is the the uniform used in Europe. It consists of a white shirt, tie or bow, tartan skirt, trousers (which aren't the same colour as the rest of uniform), jumper and blazer with attached school crest. Even though the Sailor/Military style is still used, some school slowely started to use this style.

Japanese schools also have different types of shoes depends on the room; they have outdoor, indoor and gym. shoes. In the indoor they use "Uwabaki Slippers" -  white canvas slip-on shoes with different colours at the end; yellow, green, red, blue (depends on the school). This colour code makes people recognise in which level of education the particular student is.  For outdoor they use the elegant shoes (loafers) which make the school very presentable.

Japanese School Bags
I love how these uniforms are designed so creativately, practical and are so unique. Who wouldn't wish to wear these kind of uniforms? As I mentioned before it depends on individual school which decides on the style. I decided to share my knowledge that I've gained through reading many articles as I think it's very interesting things to know ^.^

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Why you may find ANIME annoying

I love watching as I can simply run away from my daily problems and also kill my free time. One of the difficult thing is to start something new. There's just thousands of shows and many brand new coming out, however I need to find a show which will "drag me" into the fictional world. Sometimes I find few thing that annoy me while watching. The worse thing is when this happens to multiple anime.

Main character better then anybody

It occurs in shounen anime. It's when the main characters, with less experience and skills, can kill / defeat an enemy who is mega-powerful without a problem (or there was a problem but somehow they defeated it). My point is that the person who is very high-skilled COULD NOT defeat it and then our main character steps-in and everything is sorted out.

Example: In Naruto (and Shippuuden), Naruto most of the time ONLY uses Rasengan or clone jutsu and CAN defeat anybody, well, sometimes along with his friends. If you see in this anime an qualified ninja can be killed with ONE hit whereas for our main characters who are still just learning it can take little effort to defeat.
Another example is Soul eater (watch ending/major spoiler ahead) - Shinigami-sama couldn't defeat Asura whereas Maka defeated him with some wisdom words and defeated him using bravery........really? -.-

Character that look like a child yet actually is older

I see a cute little girl..... so kawaii <3............but then realise that this little girl who looks like 7yrs old is a ten years older than you think or so??? It happened multiple of times when I just though that the character is a child but actually is like 15-18yrs. Japan sometimes do weird stuff.

Example: In Corpse Party, the girl called Yuka looks like she's about 7-8 years, but in actual fact she's 14yrs!!! I haven't onlu judged her in appearance but also her personality. I'm not into these bizarre anime which concentrates in this kind of stuff so not many examples.

Author forgets about the story line

*Sarcastic Tone* Why concentrate on the main story? Why, while you can put dozen of fillers or (ecchi or any other) humour.... why even. I CAN stand few episode of something unnecessary but when this keeps on and on and you begin to ask yourself: "Wait.......What is the main plot again?"; than you know it's getting out of control. It also happens when the authors want to collide many genres and ideas togather but they don't fit. Imagine a jigsaw in which you put one piece in forceful way even though it doesn't fit and the jigsaw doesn't seem righ in the end.

For example, in Naruto Shippuuden there's something important to the story line going on and then BANG, the last episode was very exciting? Well before continuing the story we will give you some flashbacks, not one, but dozen!!*applause*. The latest anime that I've watched - Brynhildr in the Darkness - the mystery is awesome as well as the plot yet it seems cause of many unneeded fanservice every information was pushed towards the end :(Many anime losed great potential in these ways.

Ending with a cliffhanger

It isn't like I want to see what happens next....nah.  The author either finishes the anime too early or adds another mystery or information which make anime seem unfinished and left out. You may love the show but when you NEED more, you won't get anyhow which lowers your opinion. I don't mind if they actually continue someday but it's terrible to know that it won't ever continue!

For Example, Shaman king - I love it but ending with; "Another Shaman Fight is coming [END]" So who the hell becomes the King? At least they could do a remake based on the manga. Angel Beats had also an awful end; like what was that ??? [don't want to spoil]

Creating Great SIDE Character

Not only main characters may be amazing and wonderful, you know? It occurs when a side character ONLY appears in 2? 3? episodes, and then never appear again. As a fan of this character I feel like heart-broken - why do you not give them a bigger role? It also can come in pairs where the main couple appears on the screen all the time, whereas there is just a wee couple on the side which processes once in the millions of times in the one serie!!

For Example; in Hirunaka no Ryuusei (sorry as it's a manga) there's Suzume related couples and there's Nekota x Togyu which was saw togather like 5 chapters out of +65. Another example are Izaya's sisters from Drrr! - such a good character idea and I see a great story and humour yet they only appear I think one episode D:

So it's not like I'm a hater or anything but I love so many anime, yet I personally feel like they could be better. Some of the reasons make my opinion lower and get dissapointed as of how they ruined such a great idea and show. After writting this post I realised how I'm negative towards Naruto O_O Gomenasai!!! It's just it frustrated me too much.... Finally, I honestly love watching but do you find something annoying which occurs multiple of times in one serie or in various of series.

Post Question: What do you find annoying about manga or anime?

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#Sad Anime Soundtracks/ Songs

There are some Anime OSTs that make me feel sad and sometimes fall into tears. While listening to them I remember the sad story in which this particular song was attached. Do you get the same feeling?

Mirrai Nikki - Here with you
[Spoiler Alert] - Even though Yuno was an insane stalker, she really loved Yuki! She had horrible life at home and Yukki give her hope to start a better and beautiful life. In some ways he loved her too but not the girl she had become. In the end he created her a wonderful world in which she would be full of happiness whereas he stayed alone in eternity.........

Naruto - Saddness & Sorrow
This Soundrack was played like millions of times and I never get over it wahtsoever. It is always played while the sad backstory is showed. Loneliness....... death of the love one ........

Elfen Lied - Lilium
Before watching Elfen Lied I felt somewhat terrible when I heard the opening song. It's like a Opera music which doesn't suit my music taste but this fill my heart with depressed feeling. After I watched the whole show it got worse as I knew the whole story! It's so calm and nostalagic.

Air TV - Blue Skies
Do I have to go back to that? No please ;-; Even now when I hear this soundtrack I'm crying.  [Spoiler Alert!] It was so dramatic and terrible when Misuzu started to forget about her step-mother. Their relationship wasn't that close yet they got really well along with each other. They got really good time and suddenly she started to forget these memories. Misuzu's father came aat the wrong time and wanted to take her away. No!! ;-;

Angel Beats! - Ichiban no Takaramono

What a beautiful song as well as the anime. Yui and Hinata are my OTP and I love how he decided suddenly to grand her last wish which was marriage. What boy could do that nowadays?

Guilty Crown - Bios-Delta

D. Gray Man - Tsunaida Te ni Kiss Wo
I really love this song and also the piano version. I remember when it was played sometime at the end epsiodes. It pierces through my heart. <3

AnoHana - Secret Base
Menma was so dear to her friends and family however when she died evrybody separated. Despite her death, she was buried within their hearts and they never forgot about her. The worse thing was she was there all along by their side, yet she was invisible for them ;-; Those feels especially at the end!

Fairy Tail - Predestination
As a shounen anime with many awful (in sad way) past stories, it has various of different sad sountracks which will help you to fall into tears!! This one is my favourite......

Rozen Maiden - Madoka

Many tears have fallen while making this post T^T. There lots of sad song but for now this is it. Shounens like Fairy Tail or Naruto Shippuuden have bunch of heartbreaking songs but I just decided to put my one favourite one :( In addition some of the songs I just fell in love with and I got a bit (BIT) resistance, so I don't fall into tears like a baby.

Post Question: What is the most saddest song which make you horribly cry?

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100 Posts Reached!!!

Some sort of AD Poster of this blog XD
I think that's celebration as I just reached 100 posts!!! <3 I know I neglected this blog a bit but even though I love to update it. In addition the amount of views increases all the time!! I'm so happy! ^.^ I will try to post more stuff which will interest many Otaku. I even tried to draw my own character - it's on the pic :P I'm not that great artist though.....

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Karneval - Character Similarties

Anime Review

For Karneval I had such high expectations yet ONE thing really bothered me while watching. Most of the characters remind me other anime characters. It can happen in everything you watch but this particular anime is very questionable! Very good idea and I love how colourful it is but how can I be satisfied if the characters are ripped-off from other anime?

There are many anime boys who look really similar to Gareki but one of the closest match is Haru >_<

I think that's the first one I spotted! She has exact hair as Hinaichigo and have the mixed clothes style of Hina and Road; cute lolita style and a bow tied underneath the neck. She's also kind of cute and bossy, so the personality can be counted also as similar.
This is absolutely Inori. Similar hair colour and eyes, plus flood in cuteness but Inori is 100 times better <3
I haven't even watched Kuroku no Basket yet I knew Karoku reminded me of someone. Even the name is similar!
They absolutely have no similarties in the appearance but their personality and the role in the anime are the same. They were both added to give humour to the show and the boy-cuteness! They are the the "clowns" of the anime. They behave the same and both care about their friends.
From my last similarties post I added one more person to give us triplets. They both have golden eyes and black hair, therefore they look like brothers and Jiki is the youngest XD. I don't know why but Jiki is not very likable for me as well as his 'brothers' ._.
That's just ridiculous! Even the face is similar as well as the eye and hair colour! It got annoying at this point. Well Yotaka looks younger but they look like identical twins!
Another copy of Rozen Maiden characters. Both adorable, same hairstyle and eye colour.
I may be exagorating at this one but I think they are quite similar; with appearance and personality.

There was few more but I think I'm over reacting so I haven't mentioned them :/

Post Question: Do you noticed any similarties between Karneval characters and other anime characters?

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Junji Ito ~ Praise him for Creativity!

As you may know I'm a great fan of horror; from sleepover stories to great movies, and from books to anime & manga. The one who stole my interest on anything else in the world without my notice is Junji Ito. He's a great mangaka who is well known from his big collection of horror. Lately, I got to know that he made a movie based on my favourite manga!! I praise him for the creativity, even though it's really bizzare and disgusting D: I could recognize his art-style straight away!

I searched instantly for horror manga and one day I came across my first work from him; Shin Yami no Koe Kaidan, which was horrifying and utterly disgusting, yet I think that's how a good horror manga should be! Then I came across more of his fantastic works like Mimi no Kaidan, Yami no Koe and Gyo. I was caught in the spiral of horror like the characters in his most popular manga 'Uzumaki' which was the last one I've read.

Junji Ito released also an anime movie ' Gyo' based on the manga with the same title. I review it months ago along with the manga. In addition, he has even adapted series of horror films (not anime) like Uzumaki; which is the most terryfing one out of all! I'm ashamed that I just miss it. Surely I'm gonna watch all he has done and also read as his ideas are unique!

From the day I read one of his manga, I have a fear towards one particular thing. I couldn't sleep for weeks properly and I felt like seeing ths figure out in the dark ;-; no more please

<------ my nightmare

Post Question: Do you hear of him before? What horror manga, anime or anything else you enjoyed the best?

Friday, 4 July 2014

Free! Eternal Summer ~ First Impression

I watched it yesterday but had no motivation to create a post. Honestly, I even forgot to look up the premier date so my level of excitement was so high when on my favourite website there was written "Free! Eternal Summer - Episode 1 [english]". I just sat comfortably, plug in earphones and got ready for another season of 'half- naked gay guys swimming in a beautiful sparkling water' anime!
First of all what I get from the first episode:

- Finally Rin and Haru or getting on well <3
- there's new character called Sousuke which is Rin's ex-boyfriend that came back to stole him back and Haru will experience a very hard time as he needs to become a great boyfriend so Rin won't leave him for Sousuke but Haru is too lazy to become the best lover that Rin ever had....... 
- Haru is mermaid
- Haru's obsession gets a bit creeppy towards iwatobi figure ._.
- Gou..... I mean Kou very nicely advertised the club, well I would join you know XD
- Rin + Police uniform = wiggle, wiggle wiggle <~(^_^)~>
- Makoto's cuteness ♥♥♥
- my emotions are touched by the characters - mainly by Rin's emotions ;-;

 Now seriously, finally I can see my beautiful bishies <3 The episode started excatly the same as the first episode of the first season. Nicely done as well as the brand new opening and that ending. I think this season will be much better then the other (well, hope so).  I laughed my ass off the whole episode, that was just stopping and need to process what's going on. The cutness of these guys I think exceeded the norm!!! You saw Rin right??? His feelings though ;-; I just can't wait for next episode!

Then I went to tumblr and my dash got flooded with Free!2 spam! I'm glad that I watched the episode first. On that day my blog went 90% of Free! and 10% of all other sh*t.  In addition the gif on the left is getting out of control
<( ゚д゚)> STAHP!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Opposite of Senpai? - Otaku Glossary #2

Lately I'm annoying my (younger) sister by stalking her and repeating "Senpai!", "Will you notice me someday senpai?", "I love you senpai!!". I know that Senpai (eng. senior) is used towards person older than you or someone higher in education system or sport. It can be used alone or at the end of someone's name.  My sis is always ignoring me and I CANNOT impress her anyhow. She don't respond to my jokes and avoid me somtimes XD Ah..... this sister love and relationship <3

So I realised that she acts like a 'Senpai' who doesn't want to notice their........their? ........their? And here comes a problem :/ What's opposite of Senpai? While scrolling by tumblr (a 'very educational site') I find a comic and finally got my answer! It's "Kouhai"!! It's applied to someone lower in age, education system or sport. Now my life is complete (◡‿◡✿)

Tamaki-senpai appreciates that you noticed him
Remember that Senpai will never notice you as I experinced that myself, not only be my sis but also by someone in my school. That's just our destiny as being a Kouhai ಥ_ಥ
Stalking our love:
My inspiration <3

Even water wants to be noticed </3

You know..... just sharing my "weird images" collection :D No more new japanese words were find so a post dedicated to our Kouhais and Senpais......
Otaku Glossary #1: HERE