Friday, 29 November 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin A choice with no Regrets - I think I will get a heart attack!

I don't know if you already know that I have an obssession towards SNK. I've read all manga, watched anime twice and I'm flicking through the fandoms on tumblr all the time. I'm still waiting for Chapter 52 and OVA!

While, scrolling through my tumblr dashboard I came across image of a part of the manga that shows Levi before joining Scouting Legion. I was like ''OMG!''. I was so excited to read it that I couldn't sit calmly. In my mind: '' me!'' *hipnotised*

The manga tells us about Levi when he hasn't yet joined Scouting Legion and he's living his criminal life with his two friends in Underground City. You can read it in there:


ALL THANKS TO 'White Flower Translations' on Tumblr!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Who really is Haruhi Suzumiya? Normal Student?

I'm in the middle of watching 'Melancholia Haruhi Suzumiya'. I had my expectations about the whole plot and characters, yet this expectations hasn't anyhow reached the reality.

My expectations:
I thought it would be about a girl who decides to make a club (which helps people), or she is a president of school. Good leader, always listens to other people's problmes and tries to help them. Like a superhero. Very smart and talented in lots of subject. Something like Misa-chan from 'Kaichou wa Maid-sama'.

How it really is:
[Warning: SPOILERS (around episodes 1-8)]

The only thing I guessed was that she makes a club (but it was Kyon who gived her idea, I think in episode 2). She forces people to join the club and doesn't really care about their say or ideas. She loves supernatural things like aliens, esper or time traveler. Anything unusual!
People that are one of them (but she don't know about it) says that the world spins areound her. If she wants she can destroy the world and make a new one

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Survey Results- The Most Hottest Anime Guys Top 10

I don't have any good ideas for posts. I decided to do a survey about the most hot guys in anime. I could only have 8 answers but still 'Top 10' sounds nicer :D I will put the percentage of votes beside the name and a small decription of the character. (I picked one character form anime (most good looking).)

10. Tsubaki Asahina  (4%) Brothers Conflict
I think he's the most cuttest brothers of all. He's a Seiyuu and is really passionate for his career. He likes to joke around and is cheeky. He cares a lot about his twin Brother Azusa. 

9. Ren Tao (hasn't been in survey) Shaman King
First character that I ever loved. At the start of the anime he's cold, and heart-less. He wants to represent his family as better as he could. Later in anime he changed as a result of his friendship. He seems more calm and shows he's a good person but still he wants to be Look cold? So everyone has respect for him. Psss...... *whispers in your ear* he look much better in Manga *o*

8. Izaya Orihara (4%) Durarara!!
He loves people. Seriously. He's an observator, and a main source if you're looking for info. He loves to play with people and their feelings, and see how they react. His another Hobby is to tease Shizuo-chan ~♥. You know what? When I think now about it Izaya has great dodging skills ._.

7. Ikuto Tsukiyomi (hasn't been in survey) Shugo Chara
Sexy Cat (it sounds weird). He plays on the violin and likes to tease Amu and Tadase. He's a bit naughty and keeps distance between people so they wouldn't get in touble cause of him. The one wierd thing is that he flirts with abit younger girl than him - He's 17 and Amu's 12 (but that ok ^.^)

6. Lavi (4%) D- Gray man
What so little votes? What the hell is wrong with you? He's the reason why I have watched the anime (mostly). Without him and his silliness I don't know how the anime would be :/ Ok.... whatever..... Lavi is a next bookman which writes about important events (like war etc.). He shows different personalities- from cold to friendly, for funny to serious. He's very inteligent and has a good photographic memory.

 5. Zero Kiryuu (7%) Vampire Knight
Zero has been 'adopted' by the Kaien Cross. He made a friendship with his step-daughter Yuuki. He then joins the academy of his step-father and with Yuuki he's the Academy's guardian. He really cares about Yuuki and is very protective.He can act cold but he's really gentle and kind when he's around Yuuki.

4. Gaara (7%) Naruto Shippuuden

 Gaara is Jinjuriki and had hard times in his life. No-one excepted him as they saw him as a monster. Many times he killed people and his team-mates saw him unstable as he could just loose control. After having a fight with Naruto he changes a lot. Mostly he's very quiet and in second series he became more serious and grown-up. Additionally he became Kazekage!

3. L (13%) Death Note
He's not a normal detective. He's super hot ultra genius detective that loves eating sweets but doesn't get fat. He looks like an....emo (sorry >.<) that is really depressed and is very untidy looking BUT.......still looks good!

2. Levi [Rivaille] (25%) Attack on Titan
 A leader of special squad or known as (on the internet) cleaning-freak. He mostle has one face expression so no-one knows how he feels. Yet everyone knows when he's angry, and they know to do not fuck with Levi-heichou at that time or you'll see his shoes number very closely XD He's just badass in the anime.

1. Usui Takumi (33%) Kaichou wa maid-sama
 I see that there's lots of fans that love Usui :o. Sorry girls..... he only likes Misa-chan :( He's good at everything. Literlly. Every club wants him but Usui is not interested. He loves to annoy Misaki and have fun with her. He's very caring and loving. Knows how to cook. Is loyal. Am I talikng about a perfect guy? 'Cause it looks as if I am o_o ....... oh I see why you all picked him. It makes sense now! To finish I'll say one word that will describe him - PERFECTO.

 Thank you for participating in the survey ^_^ Please comment (if you don't know- everybody can comment) and say if you agree with majority, or if someone else you would put in this list!

I'm starting a long Journey ...... with 'Fairy Tail' :D

I've a friend Otaku in my class and she said: ' Watch Fairy Tail. You must watch it' Whereas me: 'Watch Attack on Titan. You need to watch it!!!' So yeah I was trying to convince her to watch my favourite anime and she was trying hers. Those conversations :D
Fairy Tail board

I was sceptic about it as I'm watching 'Naruto' - Lots of fillers >:(, and I watched 'D-Gray man'- some first 30 episodes bored me. Suprisely, after watching first episode of 'Fairy Tail' I thought: 'That would be the best long anime ever. I see this will be my favourite one!'
First Episodes, after three minutes - my stomach is sore from laughing! Even my younger sister (who is not really motivated to watch any anime) always asks: 'Can we watch Fairy Tail now?' :3 You know how hard I tried to incourage her to go to that route?! To say those words!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kaku - What do I think about it?

I got super excited when I heard that there will be an OVA. I firstly thought it would be another TV series.
Higurashi Kaku Ova just came out this week with polish subtitles. I nearly died with a HEART ATTACK! I thought I would never watch it! Is this a miracle? XD

I watch Higurashi no naku koro ni first and second season, so I expected to be a bit of gore, insane chracters and eyes, yet I was dissapointed. OVA in my opinion was serious. No playing games. No sweet graphics. Not enough gore. At least it was quite a good story. Certainly, it was good to come back to this series. I really missed it! Unfortunately, it wasn't as I except it :(

Plot with some small spoliers:

The virus started to spread and Japanese government decided to make a quarantine in certain regions. One of them was Hinamisawa. No one had the choice to leave their village and everybody had to stay at home. Mion, Keichii and Rena were worried about Satoko and Rika as they haevn't heard any news if they are infected. They only know that Rika is an embody of Oyashiro-sama, therefore she cannot be killed. The villagers start to panic cause of the troubles that are now happening in the village, and they want to get rid od Keichi and Rena as they are outsiders and they think that they activated the virus. Additionally they want sacrifice Satoko as they think that this will stop the curse of Oyashiro. What will happen to the characters? Will they survive?

Friday, 8 November 2013

I think that my Dad thinks that I'm a weirdo LOL

My dad was using my PC and saw that there's very little space on disk 'C', which is bad. He flicked through the PC to see what thing are taking that much of the space. He entered into a weird place (for him) called 'My Documents' :D I'll tell you one thing - there he saw all the stuff about anime; from wallpapers, to range of images, from AMV (anime music videos) to music.
My sister was beside him and let me tell you what kind of conversation they have:

Dad: *sees anime images* What the hell is this?
Sister: *sweats* It's Wiola's
Dad: *sees my amv* *wtf face* ....and what the hell is ALL of this*
Sister: *don't know what to say* ymm......Wiola is making them.... ._.

At least he hasn't saw the worst things. I have like a funny and weird images from anime XD I'm glad that I haven't save any yaoi pics! That would be an awkward moment if he'ld find it ._.
Dad: What the hell is all of this, hm?
Me: I can explain ...... *pokerface*

I'm not a weirdo, I'm this:

When I'm watching anime he says : ' Aren't you too old for cartoons?' - and gives me that weird look. On the other hand, my mum just ignores it and says: 'She can do whatever she wants'.

When my sister told me about what happened when Dad went into my documents, I burst out of laughing :D

Monday, 4 November 2013

What the hell is wrong with Diabolik Lovers?! It's better than Brothers Conflict?

Diabolik Lovers and Brothers Conflict are two male harem animes (one girl surrounded by many boys) that came out this year.

I watched Brothers Conflict and I hated how all the boys are sticking to Ema which is their step-sister. Just nearly all of 13 Asahina brothers falled in love with her as if there was no other girl in the world..... *sigh*......and she does nothing about it. That's why I thought Diabolik Lovers will be much better.
diabolik lovers

I started to adore how it was drawn *o*. The Main character Yui wasn't really annoying me as she was a bit of a rebel towards the vampires. Oh, the vampires are fantastic looking with unique character except that they have no manners and just want to suck Yui's blood. I thought anime will be something like Vampire Knight but I'm dissapointed. The plot? I can write you one (for fun :D):

There was a girl called Yui who was send to the ' house of vampires'. She cannot escape as the vampires are teleporting, stalking her, throwing her into the pool and suckin' her blood every bloody minute. When you think that one of them is different from others, suddenly he jumps at her and does the same; drinks her blood. Their excuse is 'you are just a human and our victim'. I think in every episode she's getting used to it xd

At least it's starting to get interesting (mostly and episode 5)when - SPOILER WARNING - Subaru gived the knife to kill the vampires to Yui, and when Kanato wanted to change her to wax figure or a manequin ._. can't remember.
Kanato's my fav :D

Overall I think that Diabolik Lovers is better than Brothers Conflict. The reasons for it are:
-Better drawn
-it's more dark anime
-that I love how kanato is insane :D

Tell me in comment what do you think about Diabolik Lovers, and if it's better than Brothers Conflict :)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

When does Shingeki no Kyojin OVA will come out?

I'm a big fan of SNK. I'm really waiting for the OVA which will be released on 9th December 2013 (Read more at: LINK.) I hope it would be good (why am I saying that? Of course it will be epic)