Saturday, 9 November 2013

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kaku - What do I think about it?

I got super excited when I heard that there will be an OVA. I firstly thought it would be another TV series.
Higurashi Kaku Ova just came out this week with polish subtitles. I nearly died with a HEART ATTACK! I thought I would never watch it! Is this a miracle? XD

I watch Higurashi no naku koro ni first and second season, so I expected to be a bit of gore, insane chracters and eyes, yet I was dissapointed. OVA in my opinion was serious. No playing games. No sweet graphics. Not enough gore. At least it was quite a good story. Certainly, it was good to come back to this series. I really missed it! Unfortunately, it wasn't as I except it :(

Plot with some small spoliers:

The virus started to spread and Japanese government decided to make a quarantine in certain regions. One of them was Hinamisawa. No one had the choice to leave their village and everybody had to stay at home. Mion, Keichii and Rena were worried about Satoko and Rika as they haevn't heard any news if they are infected. They only know that Rika is an embody of Oyashiro-sama, therefore she cannot be killed. The villagers start to panic cause of the troubles that are now happening in the village, and they want to get rid od Keichi and Rena as they are outsiders and they think that they activated the virus. Additionally they want sacrifice Satoko as they think that this will stop the curse of Oyashiro. What will happen to the characters? Will they survive?

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