Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

How could I forgot about making a post for halloween? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) Anyways....Happy Halloween guys. For me, it's the first time I haven't gone to 'trick or treat' as my sister just don't wanted to and I am pissed on my friends. But I got some good time with my BFF and also my sister and with a horror movie ヽ(^Д^)ノ Tomorrow, I will definitely vomit as I'm eating a box of sweets while watching. There is still two boxes downstairs if I will run out. How is/was your halloween this year?

Thursday, 30 October 2014

'Wolf Girl & Black Prince' ~ Impression

It's a fact that I was not planning to even look at it. (¬д¬) In a blog, that I follow, I have read a list about anime that will come out soon. I was hit with dissapointment. 'Wolf Girl and Black Prince' (jp. Ookami Shoujo to Kuroouji) was on that list, and I just knew that the main female character will be annoying and ridiculous after reading the plot. I didn't want to go through the pain like in Diabolik Lovers. Yet after my friend recommend it to me and saying good words, I just give it a try.
 I just watched 2 episodes, and it is not because I don't like it but because I already have too much to watch. Well, after the first ep, I was right that the main character is stupid. Lying about being in a relationship and then making a random pic of a guy on the street to prove that? I would accept it only if her status in school was really bad, she was bullied and depressed. However, she is doing for these.....these......... I can't even express my disgust and anger towards her new 'friends'. Actually, I would have left them as they are teasing adn horrible to her. It's better to be alone than wasting time with these trashes. Lets continue with the story, so the 'trashes' saw the picture yet unfortunately it is revealed that the boy is from their school. As a result of that Erika, the main character, spoke to that guy, and he suprisely agreed to ast as her boyfriend. After they made 'sort of contract', he showed his true face and started to treat her like a dog. Literally. What suprises me the most is that, I don't hate him for that. At all. I remain silent and accept his rude side. Somehow I'm slowly started to like vilians in anime (・□・;)

The second episode was really good as a second guy appeared who was so beautiful, charming and sparkly. Aghhh <3. At that time I just made up the rest of the story line which is more likely to happen as "I watched/read enough shoujo to know where this is going". Well.......... I was wrong *ashamed of herself*.  The twist though. The twist. No spoilers for you.

Overall I can accept Erika even though she is pathetic for me. The guy is really likeable even though he is harsh, but I truly hate Erika's friends. I thought I would hate the main character but it ended up in the side characters. I'm questioning, why Erika seeks the friendship of these girls. She could have made friends with other people in her class on the first day. The groups weren't really setted up yet so she could have tried. In the end, I actually, I really do not have a clue if this anime is good or bad, I just know that it is likeable.

"Good? Bad? You need to decide"

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

D. Gray Man Manga ~ Impression

If someone had told me few months ago that I will read D. Gray man, I will actually laugh at their face..... honestly. The development of the anime bored me, as I really get de-motivated when comes to long series, but the end really got my attention. I was thinking about reading because there's more stuff told and beautfiul art-style yet the number of chapters kept me in distance. So a full year after watching the anime I just decided to take a go and I fell in love.
As I mentioned before the manga is drawn beautifully! It develops throught time and in the latest chapter is out of paradise. Hehe :D It's a lot better then in anime. The most attracting thing of the anime and manga are the characters. My Lavi and cute Lenalee and Allen'os' Walker'os' (that's how I call him after the middle of the series XD) and lots of others. I started from the beginning although I could search at what chapter does the anime ended. Simply, I wanted to see the difference and I didn't know the details as it was quite a long time since I watched the series. I'm glad that I've started reading as after the last events of anime, the whole thing gets more intense and dark for me. I just saw a change of the plot path and in Allen. Even Lenalee with someone said, that Allen's not as polite as he used to be and that he changed. Certainly he's less lively and cheerful after the change......

The author, Katsura Hoshino, is on Hiatus, which breaks my heart. The latest chapter (218) was released at the end of 2012. Yes..... 2012! The story is still unfinished and I'm begging for the next chapter. I'm really suprise that despite the number of chapters and that I've known the most of the story (anime ends around chp. 140), I kept going and going, at last I ended up finishing 'something' long in around two months *claps proudly*. There were days were I've read 30 chapters a day x-x 'intense reading' and I wouldn't recommend that - I was reading on my phone and my fingers were unable to move properly! I also realised that a lot of things are missing which really dissapointed me as it seemed like the whole 'adventure' is going too fast...... way to fast. Some of the stories gave the anime the unique charm. [SPOILER] The thing that frustrated me the most is that the author didn't showed the back story of Daisya - he was shown few seconds and then BAM! .... he's dead. Later, he wasn't really mentioned, he simply dissappeared :/ [E.O.S] Lot of stuff was missing but I was suprised that after what happened in anime, there was a story in manga which could be counted as a filler if it would appear in anime as certainly it was hilarious. Seriously, best part of the manga!

Such a wonderful manga (✿´‿`) I'm satisfied even though some stories were missing, yet without that it can be enjoyful at the same level. Shout out to people who only watched D. Gray Man - Read the manga, well most people say that if they read any manga and watched anime of it. I'm freaking crying as the story goes in completely different direction. At first, I thought that only Milennium Earil and his Akumas are evil and should be exterminated, however after reading the manga, I don't know who is evil anymore. I only know one thing; Allen did nothing wrong!, as well as the exorcists. Where is the rescuing of the world? For now, the exorcists needs to be rescued from pain and suffering. I swear to......not God because he is now against Allen ._......... to my feelings, that everybody will die. I'm serious as there is too many ways that my precious exorcists could die from.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

October Anime Character Birthdays

Birthday Date: 3rd October
Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Info: Ah the anime that really suprised me and this month is the main character's brithday, Madoka. At the start of the anime, I was begging for her to be the freaking magical girl, yet near the end, I just regreted it. The image that I made represets her life as a magical girl, fighting the witches, yet her world/life breakes (broken glass^) and goes towards magical girl destiny and also her own, individual destiny.

 Birthday Date: 10th October
Anime: Shaman King
Info: I really loved her shaman fighting skill and also her character design. She belongs to Tao family adn she always thought that souls are just puppets for the shamans yet her eyes widely opened after she met Yoh. She got to know that ghosts have feelings as well..............
 Birthday Date: 14th October
Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin
Info: I really admire this man. He struggles and works so hard to achieve freedom and happiness for whole humanity, however he must make lots of sacrifices to fullfill these objectives. His hands are covered in blood........ he must be extremely, mentally strong to go straight forward and don't loose faith after the loss of his comerades. The decisions must be right, or the loss will be great.
 Birthday Date: 31st October
Anime: Death Note
Info: The legendary Detective. This anime, for me, is a masterpiece. The fight between Kira and him was extremelly nerve-wrecking and exciting. L's inteligence is beyond me yet he even doesn't look like it.

I had only time for four images. Gomenasai >o<".

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Shoujo Manga Disaster ~ Ao Haru Ride & HnR

Actually, I love to read shoujo manga, especially the ones with love traingles as the story gets super interesting and also, for my bad, heart-breaking. Within a love traingle in an anime or manga, I have usually the 'most' favourite couple. Not that I only support one side of the triangle. For the time being, my OTPs were developing in extremely cute way, how-freaking-ever one stupid week two of my favourite shoujo manga wanted to make some changes which I highly dislike.
[Warning: spoilers from Ao Haru Ride and Hirunaka no Ryuusei]

Let's start with the first one, that I firstly fully read to the latest chapter; Hirunaka no Ryuusei. From the beginning I shipped Mamura and Yosano however I didn't really mind Shishio. By the time that my OTP started dating, my heart fired love and fireworks everywhere! As a fresh couple, they were very shy to approach each other in romantic way. Still waiting for them to kiss -.-". Yet, on the latest chapter, when Mamura and Yosano went on a beautfiul date, Yosano was still thinking about her first love instead of her current boyfriend!! When she heard Shishio was in hospital, nothing serious happened to him by the way, she 'broke up' with Mamura as we all obviously see that she hasn't left her feeling for Shishio. So we just see her and Shishio meeting each other while or poor, internally hurted Mamura is sitting alone on the beach, regreting that he could have created a better relationship and could have expressed himself we bit more. Happy end? NO!

Now let's move to Ao Haru Ride. I make it sort; Kou hurted Futaba, rejected her and teased her all the time so she give up, finded Kikuchi, started dating him, Kou realises that he made a mistake, then decides to destroy the relationship between Futaba and Kikuchi while they really have a good time. Why now Kou?? You thief and destroyer of my OTP! So he tells her some 'smart' words which convinces her that she will never forget about him, which is quite true............. sadly. She breaks up with Kikuchi and as they broke up she did not come to his live show in which he wanted to sing a song he wrote for her!! Nooo! At the end of chapter 45 Kou arranges a date which she accepts. The-fucking-end! Me No like This Type of END ;^; The worst thing is that, even though they dated, Futaba NEVER mentioned that she even liked Kikuchi.
So both of my favourite couples broke up in around the same week. Thank you for the feels!!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Parasyte Anime?! ~ Impression

Accidently I came across the picture above and I shouted "Is that parasyte?!". My research started and I found that the manga that I finished quite a long time ago has realised an anime. Certainly, it's a huge suprise as manga according to wikipedia finished in 1995. It's nearly 20 years since the manga finished!
The plot is that alien creatures - Parasytes - invaded secretly the Earth to fullfill their hunger to human flesh and some came to learn about US. They enter the human body and take contol of the brain and the whole body. As the result of that they can change the body shape - have arms and legs as blades, large sharp teeth and any other features which can help them kill a human and devour them. However some keep their human faces and blend into the society. Why reveal yourself and cause panic? You would get caught. Shinji Izumi is the only one who knows about them as one of them failed to invade the brain and invaded his hand.

The manga isn't drawn very modern but I somehow loved it. In the anime the graphics are modern and characters don't look the same as in the manga. I barely recognised the main character. The reason that I recognised this anime was because of parasytes. Despite the fact that graphics changed, they are still good! The changes of the body are amazing. Changing the shape of the body is certainly difficult to animate as a human form changes to something really bizarre. Also - finally no censoring. I hope to see the dramatic scenes in anime version and I look up to the gore. Additionally, the opening is amazing with some metal parts of the song. It suits the anime so much!! The music is well chosen.

In my point of view, I think that anime normally follows the manga, however ther are some changes for example modern technology such as tablets. In 1995 and below nothing like this existed therefore they changed a bit for the anime to be base on our modern life. Anyhow, after watching the first episode, I'm glad to say; you have to watch it!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blog Reached 100,000+ Views!!! ~ About Me

What?! How is that possible?! Anyhow, thank you sooo much for looking up my blog from time to time. I feel like my work is appreciated which makes me feel proud. I also feel a bit dissapointed about neglecting this blog which happens really often. It's been a year and a half since I created this blog and I love how I can express myself (★^O^★)

Certainly this post is special, as it's so difficult to reach that amount of views therefore I decided to introduce myself better. In other words I will write everything about me :D

Name: Wioletta (Violette on blogger :P)
Age: right now 18 >.<
Nationality: Polish
Live in: UK
Hair colour: naturally dark blonde
Eye colour: green
Pets: Dog (Lucky)
Personality: I'm nice to people but I hold a grudge on humanity D: Good sense of humour and laughs at everything ._. Shy and awkward at times especially with strangers. Lazy as hell. Feels responsible for everything.
Favourite food: Pork chops and chips
Least favourite food: vegetables (especially on steam)
Dream Career: I hope to be a freaking Graphic Designer ;-; but if this doesn't work I will try to be a stewardess.
Hates: this will be long hehe, but mainly I hate rude and self-centered people or when I'm not capable of doing something, when somebody thinks that she/he knows me but in actual fact it's false, acne ;^;, animal cruelty, insects, bullying
Likes: being creative on various programs, being appraciated once in a while, music especially rock and K-pop, anime, asia and manga of course, horror stuff, animals, puns and joke, GAMES!! especially MMORPGs and adventure games.

Favourite Bands: Shinhwa, Imagine Dragons, Nu'est, Ashes Remain
Favourite Anime: My little Monster, Shaman King, Haikyuu!!, Attack on Titan and Durarara!!
Favourite Manga: D. Gray man and Shaman King
Favourite Sport: I don't really like sports but I enjoy ice-skating, swimming and tennis.
Favourite Colours: Black and Purple 
Favourite TV show: Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural <3
Favoutite Games: Aion and Gothic (all series)
Favourite Youtubers: Danisnotonfire, Pewdiepie and Raedwulfgamer

Flaws: I'm very naive and make stupid decisions. Acne is my biggest problem and keeping contact with friends ;^; laziness and not able to meet deadlines.

That's what I can think of but you can ask me anything in the comments :>