Saturday, 18 October 2014

Shoujo Manga Disaster ~ Ao Haru Ride & HnR

Actually, I love to read shoujo manga, especially the ones with love traingles as the story gets super interesting and also, for my bad, heart-breaking. Within a love traingle in an anime or manga, I have usually the 'most' favourite couple. Not that I only support one side of the triangle. For the time being, my OTPs were developing in extremely cute way, how-freaking-ever one stupid week two of my favourite shoujo manga wanted to make some changes which I highly dislike.
[Warning: spoilers from Ao Haru Ride and Hirunaka no Ryuusei]

Let's start with the first one, that I firstly fully read to the latest chapter; Hirunaka no Ryuusei. From the beginning I shipped Mamura and Yosano however I didn't really mind Shishio. By the time that my OTP started dating, my heart fired love and fireworks everywhere! As a fresh couple, they were very shy to approach each other in romantic way. Still waiting for them to kiss -.-". Yet, on the latest chapter, when Mamura and Yosano went on a beautfiul date, Yosano was still thinking about her first love instead of her current boyfriend!! When she heard Shishio was in hospital, nothing serious happened to him by the way, she 'broke up' with Mamura as we all obviously see that she hasn't left her feeling for Shishio. So we just see her and Shishio meeting each other while or poor, internally hurted Mamura is sitting alone on the beach, regreting that he could have created a better relationship and could have expressed himself we bit more. Happy end? NO!

Now let's move to Ao Haru Ride. I make it sort; Kou hurted Futaba, rejected her and teased her all the time so she give up, finded Kikuchi, started dating him, Kou realises that he made a mistake, then decides to destroy the relationship between Futaba and Kikuchi while they really have a good time. Why now Kou?? You thief and destroyer of my OTP! So he tells her some 'smart' words which convinces her that she will never forget about him, which is quite true............. sadly. She breaks up with Kikuchi and as they broke up she did not come to his live show in which he wanted to sing a song he wrote for her!! Nooo! At the end of chapter 45 Kou arranges a date which she accepts. The-fucking-end! Me No like This Type of END ;^; The worst thing is that, even though they dated, Futaba NEVER mentioned that she even liked Kikuchi.
So both of my favourite couples broke up in around the same week. Thank you for the feels!!

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