Wednesday, 29 October 2014

D. Gray Man Manga ~ Impression

If someone had told me few months ago that I will read D. Gray man, I will actually laugh at their face..... honestly. The development of the anime bored me, as I really get de-motivated when comes to long series, but the end really got my attention. I was thinking about reading because there's more stuff told and beautfiul art-style yet the number of chapters kept me in distance. So a full year after watching the anime I just decided to take a go and I fell in love.
As I mentioned before the manga is drawn beautifully! It develops throught time and in the latest chapter is out of paradise. Hehe :D It's a lot better then in anime. The most attracting thing of the anime and manga are the characters. My Lavi and cute Lenalee and Allen'os' Walker'os' (that's how I call him after the middle of the series XD) and lots of others. I started from the beginning although I could search at what chapter does the anime ended. Simply, I wanted to see the difference and I didn't know the details as it was quite a long time since I watched the series. I'm glad that I've started reading as after the last events of anime, the whole thing gets more intense and dark for me. I just saw a change of the plot path and in Allen. Even Lenalee with someone said, that Allen's not as polite as he used to be and that he changed. Certainly he's less lively and cheerful after the change......

The author, Katsura Hoshino, is on Hiatus, which breaks my heart. The latest chapter (218) was released at the end of 2012. Yes..... 2012! The story is still unfinished and I'm begging for the next chapter. I'm really suprise that despite the number of chapters and that I've known the most of the story (anime ends around chp. 140), I kept going and going, at last I ended up finishing 'something' long in around two months *claps proudly*. There were days were I've read 30 chapters a day x-x 'intense reading' and I wouldn't recommend that - I was reading on my phone and my fingers were unable to move properly! I also realised that a lot of things are missing which really dissapointed me as it seemed like the whole 'adventure' is going too fast...... way to fast. Some of the stories gave the anime the unique charm. [SPOILER] The thing that frustrated me the most is that the author didn't showed the back story of Daisya - he was shown few seconds and then BAM! .... he's dead. Later, he wasn't really mentioned, he simply dissappeared :/ [E.O.S] Lot of stuff was missing but I was suprised that after what happened in anime, there was a story in manga which could be counted as a filler if it would appear in anime as certainly it was hilarious. Seriously, best part of the manga!

Such a wonderful manga (✿´‿`) I'm satisfied even though some stories were missing, yet without that it can be enjoyful at the same level. Shout out to people who only watched D. Gray Man - Read the manga, well most people say that if they read any manga and watched anime of it. I'm freaking crying as the story goes in completely different direction. At first, I thought that only Milennium Earil and his Akumas are evil and should be exterminated, however after reading the manga, I don't know who is evil anymore. I only know one thing; Allen did nothing wrong!, as well as the exorcists. Where is the rescuing of the world? For now, the exorcists needs to be rescued from pain and suffering. I swear to......not God because he is now against Allen ._......... to my feelings, that everybody will die. I'm serious as there is too many ways that my precious exorcists could die from.


  1. My friend told me to read it but once he said "hiatus" I'm like call me when she gets back to writing lol. Though I do want to read this cause I liked the anime, the second half was my favorite.

    1. The manga is a lot better and the story continues and develops *o* I wished I read it much earlier!! And second half waas mah fav as well (*^ワ^*)

    2. It's back though. Chapter 219 has been translated :)

      I DIDN'T KNEW!
      LOVE YAH! <3