Thursday, 30 October 2014

'Wolf Girl & Black Prince' ~ Impression

It's a fact that I was not planning to even look at it. (¬д¬) In a blog, that I follow, I have read a list about anime that will come out soon. I was hit with dissapointment. 'Wolf Girl and Black Prince' (jp. Ookami Shoujo to Kuroouji) was on that list, and I just knew that the main female character will be annoying and ridiculous after reading the plot. I didn't want to go through the pain like in Diabolik Lovers. Yet after my friend recommend it to me and saying good words, I just give it a try.
 I just watched 2 episodes, and it is not because I don't like it but because I already have too much to watch. Well, after the first ep, I was right that the main character is stupid. Lying about being in a relationship and then making a random pic of a guy on the street to prove that? I would accept it only if her status in school was really bad, she was bullied and depressed. However, she is doing for these.....these......... I can't even express my disgust and anger towards her new 'friends'. Actually, I would have left them as they are teasing adn horrible to her. It's better to be alone than wasting time with these trashes. Lets continue with the story, so the 'trashes' saw the picture yet unfortunately it is revealed that the boy is from their school. As a result of that Erika, the main character, spoke to that guy, and he suprisely agreed to ast as her boyfriend. After they made 'sort of contract', he showed his true face and started to treat her like a dog. Literally. What suprises me the most is that, I don't hate him for that. At all. I remain silent and accept his rude side. Somehow I'm slowly started to like vilians in anime (・□・;)

The second episode was really good as a second guy appeared who was so beautiful, charming and sparkly. Aghhh <3. At that time I just made up the rest of the story line which is more likely to happen as "I watched/read enough shoujo to know where this is going". Well.......... I was wrong *ashamed of herself*.  The twist though. The twist. No spoilers for you.

Overall I can accept Erika even though she is pathetic for me. The guy is really likeable even though he is harsh, but I truly hate Erika's friends. I thought I would hate the main character but it ended up in the side characters. I'm questioning, why Erika seeks the friendship of these girls. She could have made friends with other people in her class on the first day. The groups weren't really setted up yet so she could have tried. In the end, I actually, I really do not have a clue if this anime is good or bad, I just know that it is likeable.

"Good? Bad? You need to decide"

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