Saturday, 19 April 2014

Soul Eater Not! vs Soul Eater

Soul Eater not!
Let me start with the obvious! It's a side story of original anime - Soul Eater.
If you haven't watched and don't know the original here is my review. But the new that came out it seems that is not really linked to the story of the original, so don't panic to watch it ^_^. Original Soul Eater is well known for original and a bit strange graphics and tones and tones of humour. Literally, there's NO episode without humour! Characters are really wonderful and unique. Believe me, I never saw a character that is obsessed with symmetry! Fighting scenes are just amazing, therefore for me it's a great shounen to watch.

Soul Eater
So let's go to: 'Soul Eater not!', which is just starting to emit the episodes. Manga of this title was publishing long time ago and now they decided to make an anime. When I heard the news, straight away I thought that I will see my favourite characters again and have a great laugh again. Yet, it's completely opposite! I'm not saying that it's messed up and I don't like the spin-off but I was counting on anime that I was watching long time ago. Same atmosphere, yet it concentrates on much deeper stuff........

Difference in S.E.N!

- It's drawn as you expect in 2014. Most of the animes nowdays are drawn like this so they haven't really kept their original art style
- It seems that Halloween theme and atmosphere is brushed away from scenery
- It's more serious then the original,. Where's the humour? It just disappeared. It concentrates on the girl who just turned to be a weapon and starts to attend Shibusen, however she think she's useless, and should go back home. She founds more courage and all that >.<
- It is set just before everything was going bad in the original. So what happened in the original, it hasn't happened in the new.
-it shows the original characters but it won't concentrate on them anyhow ;_;

Soul Eater Not! Plot:
It concentrates on a first grade student, Tsugumi Harudori who just realised that can transform into a weapon. She starts to attend Shibusen runned my Shinigami-sama and joins NOT class (Normally Overcome Target) where they learn how to tranform. However original characters like Maka, Soul are attending EAT class (Especially Advanced Talent). Tsugumi starts a friendship with three girls who as well attend the same class. The main character needs to learn how to properly transfrom and found a partner, yet she losses her courage and willingness very often.

This is my opinion after watching two episode and without reading manga >.< Some things might change during emitting new episodes but only thing that I hope for is that other Soul eater characters will appear more often T^T

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Shoujo Manga MMV

Lately I read a lot of Shoujo manga instead of horror. What a switch, isn't? :D Well the stories are fantastic. For now I'll stop reading as it give me too much emotions, therefore I want to read Fairy Tail.

Here's MMV which include all the Shoujo manga that I've read up to date. The post about this genre I'll do it later!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

School Days- Definitely not happy days

I wanted to watch this anime long time ago as many people mention it. I just remembred the design and that there's a girl turning insane. Accidentally I watched wrong anime as I couldn't bothered to do some research in the first place. Instead, I watched 'Myself; Yourself' which looks really similar for me >.<

On Youtube I found a review by GRArcada and I only watched it few months after seeing this review as I don't like Ecchi. So it was on my 'Anime to Watch' List for long! As it was on Crunchyroll on my phone I finally decided to watch it. Despite of this, do you think I'm satisfied?

That was the most wierdest thing I ever watched (except 'Pupa'). I'm gonna only say what do I think.
It all started so innocent. A boy, first year in school, falling in love with a quiet beauty. How beautiful! Another love story! No! The main male character is just pathetic and stupid. When he finally got a date with the girl, he got so lazy that he couldn't even bother to help to maintain the relationship. He decide. 'Ok, I'm getting bored with her. She is a fuss!' (that's not how he said it btw XD) She's not so easy to approach, and only he wanted to to with her is go to bed with her. Well, if it's not easy with her let's go with my close friends, (warning spoilers ->) and the her friend, and her friend and at last all school's girls! The funniest thing is that he hasn't told his own girlfriend that they broke up. As a result of that she became mentally unstable and still thought that they are togather.

This.......character just don't know how to approach girls and thinks they are sexual object. The ending was a bit suprising but somehow very funny and entertaining for me :D I can't get over it still. I really don't know if it's a good anime to watch or not (._. )
There's my review if you want the plot, screenshots, genre and number of episodes: LINK

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Hajime Isayama ~ Tries to kill me

First of all, Hajime Isayama is the author of Shingeki no Kyojin. He's my God, so all hail to him(/゚Д゚)/ However, what are you doing, Hajime-senpai? Each month, when new chapters comes out I'm exploding with feelings. I just can't handle this anymore.  [WARNING Spoilers from latest chapters] (?) = not sure Chapters 43-46 (?) - Titan shifters are revealed to all the characters (I knew who they were before but everyone in manga haven't) and Eren's kidnapped laterChapter 50 (?)- Erwin nearly died as he got nearly eaten by a Titan.H loses his arm ;_;Chapter 54 (?) - Survey corps want to be agiants the king as Titans aren't the only Enemies and now I don't know who is on good side or on bad side D:Chapter 55 - they want to make Historia a queen, like WHAT?  Chapter 56 -we now know that Levi's last name is Ackerman, so he's somehow related do Mikasa, Also there's a possibility that he may be the traitor. If he literally IS I'm gonna die T^T No more traitors please.......  If you are starting or will start reading, be prepared for the worst. Lately SnK fandom (on tumblr) is just exploding. Like maybe we are all Ackermans? Are you an Ackerman? (O_O). So I don't want to think what will happen after Snk Ova which will be released on 9th April (on Wednesday) (._. ) Should I be scared?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

K-POP Bands

Believe me, lots of Otakus, including myself, like K-pop music. Of course I don't want to mention PSY as nearly all people heard about this band as it became popular due to the catchy song 'Gangman Style'. As a result of this 'hit', people call themselves K-pop fans and they say they love this kind of music however they only know this band. What a pity. I personally love to find new bands, boys-bands and girls-band.

What is K-pop?
It is a kind of music in South Korea and it stand for Korean Pop :D It can include lots of music genres like pop, hip-hop, ballades, electronic, R&B etc. In other words 'K-pop' not only consists with pop as it contains mix genres. It just a way to descrbe modern music in South Korea.
In K-pop music video I see that Koreans like to wear different, UNIQUE styles of clothing. From kawaii clothes to formal clothes. It all depends on a song or a band. The catchy (usually) songs are combined with different, strong visual effect, dancing that Soth Koreans adore and clothes makes the music video awesome and make me love them more and more!

Which band listen to?
Well, I try to listen tolots of bands and from time to time I look for new ones. Despite theres lots of band, unfortunatelly I have a memory limit on my phone XD. So I listen only to few songs per band!
I will give some link to music videos if you would like to check it out!
I love K-pop - Bands
Before I start........Hyesung is mine! Sorry, I just want to make it clear (._. )
I can listen to these angels all day long. I found them not so long ago and after one video I just fall in love with them!
Boys-band with six hot members. I don't care they are much older tah me >.<
My Fav Songs:
This love
I'm sorry
Perfect Man
Be my Love

They have the most catchiest music and I love them so much.
Girls-band with five members .
My fav songs:
Electric Shock
Hot Summer
Rum Pum Pum Pum

B2st / Beast                                   T-ara
Boys-band with six members                          Girls-band with with six cute members
My fav songs:                                                  My fav songs:
Mystery                                                            Like the beginning
Beats is the B2st                                               Forever Love
Special                                                              Bo Peep Bo peep
Beautiful                                                           Sexy Love
Bad Girl 
I'm Sorry

Big Bang                                       Super Junior
Boys-band with five members                          Quite big Boys-band with 12 members
My fav songs:                                                    My fav song:
Fantastic Baby                                                   Hero
Monster                                                              Sorry, Sorry
Lollipop (w/ 2NE1)                                            Bonamana
Mirotic                                                                Mr. Simple

2NE1, Wonder Girls, G-dragon, Girls Generation, and Hyuna (singer)

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